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    Question Just got a sha touched staff on my resto/ele shammy

    Hey, this http://www.wowhead.com/item=86893/ji...e-waterspeaker just dropped to my shammy in LFR, I'm new to MOP so I was wondering, should I keep it?, is it good enough to replace lfr dagger and shield in a resto/ele shammy?
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    Welcome to the Alliance, faction of compromises and unfulfilled desires. Want Vrykul? Here is compromise in form of kul tiran half giants we never heard of. Wanna High elves? Here is compromise in form of void elves we never heard of. Wanna broken draenei? awww fuck it
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    No they don't. I have yet to see anyone who raids LFR complain that LFR drops gear of lesser value than normal/heroic (heroic/mythic), but all I hear is raiders in heroic/mythic bitching about people in LFR getting any rewards.

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    Well after the first Legendary quests you get a Sha-Touched Gem that gives you 500 int and it's only usable to Sha-Touched gem slots.

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