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    Lets be honest.. (LK)

    Is there ANYTHING more epic, more expansive, more fantastic than the whole Lich King lore in wow?
    I am not just talking about WOTLK being the best expansion alone, what i imply here is, there is no other lore in all of the WoW expansions, that can even compete with the awesomeness of LK.
    TBC was cool, Cata was wtf deathwing... MoP is nothing compared to any of the above lore wise.
    LK and WOW are the 2 best matches ever made. Nothing can be more ICONIC than LK. What do you guys think?

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    Nah, the Lich King is just one of many stories, it was just a big one because it was a big part of Warcraft 3 and was the major part of an expansion.

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    WoW has many great stories. LK is just one of them.

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    LK is my personal favorite. Yeah.
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    BC had some epic lore too, the game just didn't do the best job of presenting it. That's an area in which Blizz has improved a lot.

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    The Lich King story, everything around it, from WC3 to WotLK is my favourite one, and the one I feel most strongly and most sentimental about. There is just something about the whole theme, the whole atmosphere. The music, the color palette, the zones, the story. And I really spe a lot of time playing when WotLK was the current expansion. Almost everything in that expansion is very dear to me.

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    It's been the best, so far, because Arthas is the most relatable villian in WoW so far. (human, fall from grace sort of thing, etc). There was an easy to make connection there that a story like Deathwings would never have.

    While I still think ICC was a rather anticlimactic raid, and could have been on par with Ulduar or better, the expansion from a story perspective was excellent.
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    The entire Scourge and Lich King lore is definately the best imo. After WotLK the game went downhill for me, and the sub drops agree with me.

    The badassness of the Scourge:

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    MoP has had the best storytelling so far out of all expansions. Far more interested/invested in this expansion than prior ones... Or well, I'm not relying on emotional attachment from WC3 to keep me interested. MoP has gotten me interested in entirely new villains/stories, which has to be commended.

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    im reading the arthas book now.. ive been reading all of the wow lore books in the relative order of chronological dates.. honestly a lot of the stories are really good. I really think the 3 books that detailed the original war of the ancients were quite epic on a different scale because they involved so many different characters and literally earth shattering consequences.

    as for a single person driven storyline... either arthas or illidan would be up there imo for a great story. assuming we killed illidan at black temple instead of just 'defeating' him.. two of their biggest lore story lines are done.

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    I think the only reason the Lich King and Illidan are so regarded in Warcraft lore is because we got to experience it in a great narrative sense that was WC3 and TFT. Not only was the narrative so compelling, what with the voice-overs, cutscenes and such, but also because we got to interact with them and as them. It was like we followed them from beginning to end with a guiding hand of silver. Well, we did ^^.

    I think if they ever did another Warcraft RTS with, say, Broxigar during the Invasion, or even Fandral Staghelm during the War of the Shifting Sands, they would stick out in our minds as great stories on par with the Lich King and Illidan.

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    I love that story. But I was also on these forums to see the whole x-pac getting trahed. Funky to now see it return as some kind of golden age. But seriously? It had two great reaids with Ulduar and ICC. It had some great 5 mans and it brought Naxx to all the many, many, many (oh, did I say many?) people who never could set foot into it in Classic WoW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    MoP has had the best storytelling so far out of all expansions. Far more interested/invested in this expansion than prior ones... Or well, I'm not relying on emotional attachment from WC3 to keep me interested. MoP has gotten me interested in entirely new villains/stories, which has to be commended.
    I agree with you on that one. I am more interested in the Sha & the whole pandaria story than I was with the Wotlk LK story.

    Also to me LK lost his badass attitude after the 5th time or so he showed himself in a quest, having to see him all the time in various quests made me lose my respect for him.

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    There are many other fantastic stories other than that of Arthas, but the reason why his is probably the most popular is because 1: He played a major part in WC 3 (even became the protagonist of TFT), 2. his presentation is very believable, awesome, and tragic. 3, he got his own book, which expanded his lore even more, and lastly, his story came to an epic close in WOTLK.

    Other interesting stories include the War of the Ancients, the First, Second, and Third Wars, the Burning Legion, and other characters, such as Varian Wyrn. Just start reading random WoW books or articles and you will find some amazing stories.

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    I find nothing's more epic than Arthas, the related story, and his lore.
    In fact, if they brought him back, i'd 100% agree, and i'm not fond of "setbacks" at all. Given they don't screw it up.

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    I don't care much for lore, but I really love the LK fight. It felt epic at the time, and still feels epic to this day.

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    I don't really think so. LK/Arthas is the most famous villian Warcraft ever has along with Illidan but the story itself MoP has it much better. WotLK should have been great story wise and it's not that hard to make it so but Blizzard dropped the ball. Just making quests involve heavily with Kel'thuzad and Anub'arak that eventually lead to epic encouter with each of them commanding cult of the damn and nerubain army. What we got was Kel'thuzad doing absolutely nothing and sit there as raid boss without story behind him. Don't even let me start on Anub'arak. WotLK's lore was such a BS.
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    Idd the Lk era is the most epic and coolest story

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    LK had a long and recent ongoing story.

    Deathwing and the panda stuff, while they kind of existed, they were mere footnotes compared to the LK. They were brought in as an excuse for an expansion, rather than having any notable recent storylines that led up to them.

    There's no personal investment in the last 2 expacs. The LK was something we were looking forward to since before wow existed. The other two were just there...barely. One was the fulfillment of years of effort, the other 2 were simply excuses for expansions.

    The only thing that I can imagine having a similar effect is something to do with the titans and the legion.

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    I actually think LK story was mediocre at best. The only thing it had going for it is the ENORMOUS buildup we had from wc3 and it's expo, especially the event at the end of TFT campaign combined with the fact that we already traced Illidan's story and now it was Arthas' time. There were some brilliant bits and pieces here and there (mainly questing, and probably halls of reflections story), but they were mainly side story stuff and the overarching story ended up being stale and cliche. Even the ending was a bit meh.

    So far I would say I'm loving MoP story the most, mainly cause they took it away from the "big bad" and actually focused on the world more. But I can just be biased cause it's what's happening right now, have to come back to this topic in a couple years.

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