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Senen is right, in a very small percentage of cases, wowreforge ends up beating our reforges, for the stated reason: they only look at reforges. It's a good program. But when wowreforge 'beats' Mr. Robot, it's by about 0.05% of the score, which is very small. But!!! We've been working on a new algorithm that we expect will guarantee the optimal result in under 1 second. In most of our test cases, it's 100 milleseconds or less. I think my character is optimized in 10 milleseconds. It's taken a ton of work and a lot of digging up old math concepts, but we're close. Once we have it ready, we'll release it for beta to "time" all of the trials and measure accuracy.

So keep your eyes peeled - we are ALWAYS improving the site And hey, why not try to improve on the accuracy AND speed at the same time!
This is good to hear. Make sure to let me know, I'll help test it some.