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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionspride View Post
    Each hour a random zone gets nuked by deathwing, he flies around Old azeroth again nuking places.
    Lmao that would be great.

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    New Models with Customizable Dances, coming out March 27th, 2013. Thats right, they are already here.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    New dances for everyone is the harlem shake.
    Dinnerbone-because I binged your mother.

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    World of starcraft

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    Next expansion. I'm looking forward to Google's more, there's always makes me laugh.

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    Blizzard will formally announce Lor'Themar Theron as the next warchief.

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    For some reason, I think the PvP changes, altthough I certainly hope not.

    Hearthstone got way too much media attention to now even be considered an April Fools' joke. The timing is a bit weird, but I think that's real.

    And I got my barbeque ready for Crabby, I swear!
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    I foresee a Sha of Happiness attack in the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    I foresee a Sha of Happiness attack in the forums.
    You! what did you do?! Now I start thinking of it again! I totally forgot about it ><
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    The problem with April Fools is that a lot of the original joke ideas ended up becoming things people actually wanted, so when they turned out to be jokes, the community got uber butt mad.

    Now, the April Fools jokes are obvious, but incredibly humorous and poke fun at the game and the community. I remember one year where if Mages counterspelled a Paladin it automatically respecced him to Holy, and if he already was Holy, it turned him into a Priest.

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    It's not tri-spec. Blizzard likes to "over-do" it. The never do anything believable, that's what makes them really funny. The bard class in itself is believable, but Blizzard just goes and overdoes it with the whole "guitar hero" gameplay. Tri-spec is something that is believable, and I can't really think of a way they can overdo it to make it funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc81991 View Post
    Ghostcrawler saying that they are going to buff Ret Paladins. (Followed shortly by "nerfing them into the ground").
    Ghostcrawler saying they are going to buff Resto shamans as well then maybe?
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    Hearthstone & tri-spec

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    Wrynn becomes the new Horde leader.

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    4th spec for everyone including Demon Hunter Warlock, Tanking Mages, Healing Rogues, and Caster Warriors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Glitch View Post
    Or releasing the new character models and them being even worse than the original models... then watch as the forums have a hissy fit lol
    Make them 8X8 sprites that have compressed heads when mounted a'la Pokemon Gen 1.
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    Ysera goes crazy and fixes the world.
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    Org is completely gone and the horde cant access it. Player/ guild housing. OF COURSE CRABBY. Mages getting a nerf and Ret Paladins getting buffed. The list is endless I'm sure they'll find something that will give a good laugh.

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    I have a bad feeling that it will be something related to tri-specs. I so hope that it's not though... My druid is crying for a third spec.
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    Next raid in 2D-Jump and run style: Gamon kidnapped Aggra and we need to rescue her!

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