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    Man people's sense of humor is lacking, would pick some out but I don't want to call anyone out.

    Something WoW related but over the top at the same time... lets think...

    -Anything mentioned pre- 04/1/13 is excluded. When Blizzard does something it's "brand new". So all the people saying "Hearthstone" (whether your saying it cause you actually think its going to be an April fools joke or you are beating around the bush to say you think the game is a joke) are wrong.
    -Probably not something done in the past already (new classes, etc.)
    -Something players might *think* they want but Blizzard presented the idea in an unwanting way. (Example: New character models but they look terribly bad or something)

    Personally I have no idea what Blizzard will pull out of their sleeves. But I'm sure Crabby will make a return. Anything else is a gamble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xl House lX View Post
    Man people's sense of humor is lacking, would pick some out but I don't want to call anyone out.

    But I'm sure Crabby will make a return.
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    They should announce Titan is really just a board game like Monopoly. And they are getting rid of all pvp, raids, auction houses, leveling, skills, etc. so players can focus on doing their dailies

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    As far as I was aware, MMO-C have said they found the datamined "tri-spec" information and not Blizzard?

    I'm sure Blizzard would have like to have announced something that major for themselves to be honest.

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    Bring on the glorious patch notes.
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    Under the mistweaver notes they'll make a joke about increasing the cost of jab because thats gonna be so funny and original

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittycovox View Post
    and last 3 has been so obvious even a dead cat would figure it out. and lets say this 3.e talent specc is the "joke", i think more people would be pissed at giving such a huge thing then saying "na mejt itz all for jokez lololol".
    They've done an April Fools joke every year, what tells you they would stop now?

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    "Divine shield now lasts 4 seconds. Down from 8"
    "Second wind now restores 6% health per second. Up from 3%"

    Removed the Ra-Den encounter from Throne of Thunder, because it was too hard.

    Removing good stats from D3 gear. (crit etc, replacing with throns, bonus xp, indestructable)

    Something about 5.3 dailies (not announced yet)

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    I do agree that the Tri-Spec thing would be too risky as a joke... People want it too bad, they'd make a lot of customers mad.

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    Evil Patch notes... Blizzard knows that's what people wait for all year for... O_O

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    Nyan cat mount... actually shitting rainbows!

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    IIRC every april fool joke theyve done has actually been on april fools -.-

    So Tri spec, Hearthstone etc etc isnt going to be it

    And to the person who said 99.99% will realize its not real, erm no, most of us here will know its fake but this site doesnt cover the entire wow population and those who read others posting the "news" in /2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblestikk View Post
    Totally is that. They already have a card game.

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    All the people that were talking about Hearthstone and Tri-spec being jokes sound exactly like the people saying MoP was a joke.

    They're announced/datamined, that means they're real. Well unless Tri-spec is a joke from MMO-C, but it'd be a super risky joke.

    Hearthstone is for real, Blizz wouldn't insult PAX so much as to use their event as an april fools staging ground.
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    Something tells me they'll joke about adding a 4th spec to all classes ( well, not druids... maybe they'll get a fake 5th spec).
    Every class is gonna be able to tank and heal!

    And honestly, even though the idea for doing this for real is nice I wouldn't even like it, not sure many others would either.
    That's why I think it fits as an april fools joke.

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    Here is our official response:

    "Hearthstone is not an April Fool's joke!"

    Hearthstone is an amazingly fun CCG that we're currently enjoying too much at work.
    us (dot) battle (dot) net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/8481308380#4

    Now stop saying Hearthstone is the april fools.
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    what ever it is, its not going to top crabby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kegler View Post
    I do agree that the Tri-Spec thing would be too risky as a joke... People want it too bad, they'd make a lot of customers mad.

    the aprils fools are always really obvious, and announced on april 1st.

    bard class, mount pimping, joke patch notes, crabby ect. stuff that could never really be ingame.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Crabby will make a glorious return


    Anyways, STOP doing this kind of threads already. The goal of April fools is to be a surprise. I usually never remember that day as it means nothing on my country and start reading the thing till I realize.
    This year it won't be possible as every single hour someone starts a threads talking about it.

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    Patch 5.4 raid will signal the return of Kael'Thas... you know you want it to be true! I think it will be something expansion related or I least I hope it is! I want it to be something that isn't so cool that I will want it bad. Like the Diablo 3 Librarian class... that guy looked beast!

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    I'm not quite sure but either it's going to be something that is very obvious (which isn't necessarily bad) or it's going to be something about class balance which will cause everybody to explode out of rage. Everybody will be expecting it thought so they won't fool nobody unless they manage to distract us with two different things making us believe that one is actually real. We'll see.

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