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    Guildie Having Trouble

    Hi Folks. I run a casual raiding guild with a group of friends. Some with a great deal of innate talent and some with... less. We have a good time but when we run into a serious deficiency that hinders our progress, I try to do what I can to do some extra parsing and research to find the problem. Sometimes it can be a very simple thing that they are missing (Shaman forgetting to put on lightning shield, Rogue forgetting to turn off Blade Flurry, etc).

    Specifically I have a Ret pally friend who is having a really hard time. I did some poking around when he was lower geared (he is ilevel 491 now) and found that proportionately his damage seemed to be similar to higher random pallies that I used for comparison, but doing much less damage per attack than they were. He is up to ilevel 491 now and it hasnt seemed to make much of a difference. He did great damage in Dragonsoul but maybe that was just the nature of the boss fights or the Ret dps, because since MoP he has been reliably low, often below my tank (Blood DK).

    If any of you have some time on this lovely maintenance day, to drop a few tips or look at our most recent logs for him and see something glaring, I would be most appreciative. As a new poster at MMO Champions it doesnt seem to be letting me post any links though.

    His name is Chipstock on US-Thunderhorn and his logs are showing at WoW Heroes.

    I do know he has the set shoulders for tank on, hopefully he will be getting this changed tonight. He picked the wrong ones last night in haste, just looking at the Exp/Mastery stats instead of the set bonus.

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