Thread: 4pc T15: ToTH?

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    4pc T15: ToTH?

    I've been looking around, and there doesn't seem to be much information on this (other than a thread that's 2 months old, didn't want to necro). Here's my question: I'm SV, with that said, does ToTH become a preferable talent since on any normal fight AS is down the list as only a bleed off of focus or could this now be a default talent when you acquire the 4pc?

    On add heavy fights, MS isn't much of an issue as (if I understand the wording correctly) it has a chance to proc on each MS. Although, having ToTH for added MS doesn't seem a bad idea, I'm more interested in single target with AS.

    Anyone thats picked up the 4pc and has raided/done some testing, I would be curious if you've tried ToTH out and if it made any noticeable difference. Thanks.

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    If it's quite alot of aoe, use toth. Never personally used it this tier, I prefer fervor.

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    You still want to use Fervor for single target. Reason being, the 2pc is so strong and it only procs from your cobra shots. So you still want to cast CS to build focus and for hopeful procs.

    Sorta OT: How good is the 4pc? Anyone have it yet? How often does it proc and how much DPS does it do? I saw that it says 3 RPPM or whatever.. not sure how to calculate that.

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    I got the 4pc this last reset, but haven't raided with it yet.

    OT: I think Fervor is better all around as well. Keep in mind, popping Fervor at low focus provides you with the focus to do whatever you want, including dump AS. I often find myself using Fervor off CD and only having AS to spend it on. Every 4 fervors, I use it for AMoC, otherwise it's mainly for some AS spam, or MS spam if there's a specific AoE portion (ball lightning on Lei Shen comes to mind).

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    Since both t15 set bonuses work with the new rppm mechanic the chance to proc it is not higher if you cast more arcane or cobra shots.

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    Both the 2pc and the 4pc work on the RPPM system. How much you spam the ability should be irrelevant.

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