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    Starting to think they should remove talent spec entirely and just give everyone access to whatever at the push of a button and remove any concept of choice or results of a decision from the game.

    And make all Alliance humans and all Horde orcs while they're at it.


    It's not going to ruin WoW, I just don't see it as being a good design decision to take MMOs further and further down the path of instant everything, consequence nothing.

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    If they give me another 15-16 bag slots, then this would be cool.

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    I don't see what the problem is tbh. All it does is make it easier to swap between specs for those who play more than two. There's no PvE or PvP dominance increase, it's just a tool. I don't particularly have a use for it, but I know others will love it. =] I'm glad people be able to use this.

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    A better expansion.
    Probably won't make use of it on my Shaman because I'm hard pressed for bag space but will be pretty neat on my other toons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Probably won't make use of it on my Shaman because I'm hard pressed for bag space but will be pretty neat on my other toons.
    Maybe they should offer secondary slots for gear, similar to diablo 2 only for all item slots
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    I'm sorry that Blizzard won't just gift wrap awesome in a cup and let you drink your fill.

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    Since dual-spec, I've main specced Elem and barely used my resto OS. For a while in 4.3, I was dual-specced Elem/Elem: the first was my earthquake/instant ghost wolf build, the second was my damage reduction spec. I'm very happy with the way dual-spec works now, with the ability to retalent for the situation. In my book, three specs is nothing crucial to have; I'd personally use it to quickly & cheaply swap between EB/Echo and PE/AS as elem and keep a resto spec readily available (not that I'd use it any more than I already do).

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    Personally don't care much, since I rarely off-spec my characters, if at all. But I guess it's nice for folks that want 2 PvE and 1 PvP spec.

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    I think its great. It makes raiding much easier for people who have to use off-specc being secondary tank or 3rd healer, but want to have pvp specc as well. I myself as guardian/restoration druid will welcome ability to jump into balance without flipping my UI and action bars.

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    I don't think they should implement it if they plan on bringing back five mans next expac. But there's a reason: the LFG loot system.

    In my opinion- and yes this will probably stir a "it's only a five man" argument (but hear me out before you bring this up)- is the current LFG looting system. Yes, I know. We already have the dolts that feel they can roll on anything and everything, right?

    But what about those people next expac that mainly stick to one spec with the way the current system works? The problem between the MS/OS crowd, the MS=OS crowd, and the "I roll on everything that isn't nailed down" crowd was pretty bad at the beginning of this expac.

    I think- if anything- they need to overhaul the way that rolling system works in non-guild groups. For example:

    Say the boss drops an agility item and an intellect item. I would get an individual roll on both of those items (that way it can stay MS=OS without having to deal with the grief). The roll rate would have to be slightly higher (obviously) than LFR.

    It's the only logical way to do a third spec without pissing everyone off. Whether people like to admit it or not, five mans are the very first step in the gearing towards raids/LFR process.

    I just don't want to have to go through yet another expac hearing "It's for my OS" or better yet "It's for my third spec". or my most favorite argument from the guy that feels that everyone in the group needs to abide by MS/OS (then spends 3 minutes arguing about it). Personally, I got sick of seeing arguments from both sides.

    I think overhauling the current system would then make it good to bring in a tri spec. Otherwise all they are doing are causing even bigger rift in the community.
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    im not falling for it i remember blizz telling they cant do that for several reasons and sinds april's fool's day is near .......... blizz always screws us
    Same Shit Different Day

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    can't say i am too thrilled.. to me it completely defeats the purpose of choosing to begin with.

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    I am absolutely thrilled about this (well, in video game standards anyway). I am always torn between ele and enha for my off specs and now I can finally have both! I prefer ele when doing raids or instances but I much prefer enhancement when soloing old raids or PvPing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicBanana View Post
    So other than druids, every class will have every spec and can easily swap to the flavor of the month depending on what gets nerfed or buffed. I have mixed feelings.
    Not quite. If you consider that every class can have a PvE and a PvP version of each spec then, while we could technically have all 3 specs in our loud out, they wouldn't be useful for every aspect of the game.

    Personally, this was very close to getting me to resub. I can imagine how awesome it would be to have a pve holy, pve shadow and pvp disc spec on my priest, pve blood, pve DPS and a pvp spec for my DK etc.

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    If it becomes a reality, then I'll finally get around to assembling and learning an enhance spec, which I haven't had in...oh, 5 years. Too bad that we shaman will basically need 4 28 slot bags in order to accomodate all the different pieces of gear we end up with.

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