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    Feral gemming in 5.2

    With all the hit on 5.2 gear it appears we may as well gem the blue slots on gear that has agility bonuses with shifting amethysts. It seems absurd but I can't find a better option. Am I missing something?

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    best blue gem = agi + hit
    but you should ask yourself if you realy need the socket bones, its its not good enoguh thne gem a pure 160 agi gem in it
    and if you do need the socket bones and realy dont need hthe hit, you cna go for agi + stamina, who knows it might save your ass someday

    for reference you cna say 1 point of agi is worth 3x the value of 1 point of a secondary stat

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    Are you still going to be over hit cap with it all reforged away?

    120 stam is really small overall, maybe 1500 HP per gem or so.

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    The socket bonuses tend to be at least 80 agility so in general you have to have the socket bonus. I agree the stam gain is really small which is why I find it absurd that we are are being forced into no better option due to the ridonkulus amount of gear with huge amounts of hit. If Bliz was going to put hit on so many leather pieces I don't understand why they put hit on the staff and an insane amount of hit on the VP trinket.

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    Yes, it is definitely worth it to gem Agi/Stam instead of Agi/Hit if and only if there is no way for your to get rid of that excess hit. For reference, for each Glinting gem you swap out for a Shifting gem you lose 0.47% hit and gain 1,980 (raidbuffed) HP.

    I'm personally currently using 2 Shifting gems which brings my hit down to a nice 7.55%.

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