One of the things I’ve always liked about WoW is how PvE progression “works”.

Essentially, throughout the raiding tiers, there’s a story that’s told and you, as a player, help to shape the outcome of that story. From incursions against the Gurubashi to stopping the Qiraji assault, from toppling Magtheridon in Hellfire Citadel to ensuring Kil’jaeden couldn’t enter Azeroth, from the madness of Malygos in Northrend to finally ending the Lich King at the Frozen Throne, from defeating Nefarian to finally stopping his father, Deathwing, at the Maelstrom; each expansion was a series of interconnected campaigns that allowed heroes to shape the world they live in.

My question is essentially why PvP players are not given this “journey”, or at least one like it.

During my time with tabletop games (Skaven and Tyranid player, by the way), I always liked the niche offerings such as Mordheim or Necromunda and their emphasis on development through a campaign. Most played normal pitched battles, but the campaign packs with scenarios that changed the scenery, feel and goals of a battle were the real gold. White Dwarf magazine frequently ran nationwide campaigns, ones that were determined by Workshop gaming nights and the results determined how the campaign would unfold.

It strikes me that WoW is in a perfect place to tap into this type of thing.

Maybe it’s just me, but battlegrounds and arenas are awfully stale because they’re just stand alone events that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t matter. Sure, you can go in and win a pile of games and be ranked accordingly; but what’s the point? I fully accept that I’m potentially missing something, and that the spirit of competition is possibly what drives a lot of players, but I think victories in the field against other players should still drive a form of content-related progression. By that, I’m talking about a series of maps that have differing objectives that are shaped by a players success (either via HK’s or, more preferably, his win percentage).

Let me put it like this:

On the first day of a new patch, there’s a new BG/arena map released. Players will compete on this map for a fortnight until they’ve won a set number of times or have a specific winning percentage. Then, another map opens to these players that allows those who are putting in the most effort to win are getting new “content” faster than botters and random players new to PvP (or who are undergeared). Added to this, the battle group averages can dictate who did better on the previous map and tailor the objectives accordingly. So if we say the Horde were the more dominant faction on a battle group, the new BG would see them defending a specific part of the map while the Alliance try to take that part from them.

Clearly, there’s a lot to this and I’m totally comfortable that I may be missing some obvious reasons why this wouldn’t work (including that PvP players wouldn’t be much interested in it). But tell me:

Does this sound like something that’d be worth it in WoW?