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    [Holy] PvP Stat Priorities

    Hey y'all, I had a question regarding Holy Paladin stat prio's in PvP with the most recent patch.

    Since expac drop, all I've seen is for us to stack mastery (after spirit of course), and to reforge out of its crit and haste. Earlier today, however, I checked on Noxxic and they listed Holy's stat priority as Crit > Haste > Mastery

    I literally WTF'd at my computer when I saw that. Today is the first time that I've seen any such mention of maximizing both crit and haste over mastery in PvP. Can anyone confirm this priority as being correct, or are those tards at Noxxic pulling an early April fool's joke? I have no recollection of any of our stat weights being changed or changed as a result of some buff/nerf going into 5.2 so this is especially baffling to me.

    Keep in mind I almost exclusively RBG and am interested in overall throughput moreso than getting a ton of Infusion proc's. My Armory is in my sig if the answer to my question is gear level dependent.
    Armories: Death Knight / Paladin
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    Bumping, i wish to know aswell

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    There are no easy answer - you can go crit and heal more easy spike dmg (but crit is random) or go mastery and you will have more overal heal on rbg. Both are good and depend on what reforge you like play.

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    as with most healers crit is usally a high prioty stat since there is alot of burst in the game atm you need to burst heal aswell, crits will help with that. prefferbly i would go with crit for arenas and mastery for rbg for countering all the aoe damage.

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