We're Zealotry on Aman'Thul, we've been doing pretty well lately with steady progression and the establishment of great team atmosphere. We'd like to open our doors once more to let a new group of raiders who are keen to share in the success. If you think you'd like to join a stable, respected guild and work together in a team environment then leave us a message in game on on our forums. We'd be glad to set you up.

We're also looking for pasasionate pvp players keen to RBG on Saturday and Sunday nights. 7- 10 AEST. Below you can see the requirements we ask of our raiders. As the majority of information is relevant to higher levels of PvP then we would be asking the same from our pvp applicants as well.

Some quick facts about us and what we are looking for.
  • We raid 6 hours a week. two days a week Wed and Thurs 7 - 10 GMT+10
  • Its still a hardcore environment. We expect players to: min/max two raiding professions, pot, pre pot, theorycraft, simcraft, ptr test, discuss group composition and strategy, analyse WoL and know BiS
  • Progression focused Loot Council
  • 95% Attendance requirement
  • Over 30 years of wow experience between the players
  • Multiple Tier three players from WotLK returning to pump content
  • We are organised and efficient
  • We set EXTREAMLY high standards
  • Weekly RBG's and Challenge Modes on Saturdays, many 2k rated players who are keen to get regular games in.

Our core roster is compromised of:
TANK Blood/Frost Death Knight - Shadzilla
TANK Guardian Druid - Barkybarky
MDPS Enhance/Elemental Shaman - Warstorms
MDPS Retribution/Prot Paladin Olagio
RDPS Beast Mastery Hunter - Felthunn
RDPS Boomkin/Feral Druid - Argharnamin
RDPS Destruction/Demonology Warlock Malthadros
HEALER Discipline Priest - Unodomiel
HEALER Resto/Elemental Shaman - Zimia
HEALER Holy/Disc Priest - Sandelf
SUB Guardian Druid - Ferrin
SUB Restoration Druid - Imalobster
SUB Unholy Deathknight - Draconis

We are also looking for a Holy Paladin/Mw Monk for group 1. Our disc priest Undomeil will be moving on soon, while we'll miss him like I'll miss an arm or a leg, we'll be in need of a kick ass healer sooner or later.

All in all, if you are looking for a stable raid environment, more responsibility in your WoW life, a challenge and friends to share success with add me and have a chat

[email protected] is my real i.d

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We aren't looking for 20+ hours a week in raids grinding out attempts. We want to stress the quality of each and every attempt. I think everyone can identify with that. We have lives, children, wives, university and school commitments, we can't afford to spend time with lower tier players or players with god complexes/players who cause drama. We are looking for team members to become friends.

So drop us a line. We're not shy.