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    heroic Horridon 10 man help needed!

    after have got(around 25 wipes) on this boss yet, it seem that we cant really get the 4th gate, everytime there is something wrong with someone dying out of no where(either sand trap, poison, ect....) the damage sometime seem insane, im trying to maximizing my cooldown to help my healer(im ele so ancestral guidance) but not working always, it seem we are struggling between end phase 2 and the phase 3

    here our composition

    Tanks: prot pally and dk
    dps: ele, lock, rogue, dk, mage
    healers: druid, priest, monk

    yeah some people told us to do it at 2 healers, but it seem that we cant keep up the damage(and our Rdruid going boomkin is not a solution, because his DPS is not enough good yet..) and our priest cant dps, monk too... so we are forced to do it at 3 heals but dps seem low,

    here some logs


    any idea or advice for this is greatly appreciated
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    3 healing is perfectly fine if you're getting adds down before the next door. Just sounds like raid awareness at this point.

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    Hi. I think you should 2-heal it with monk and priest. If the others are not good enough dps for the War-God to cast only 3 bestial cries, you need to 2 heal it. If you can't even get the doors down in time with 3 healers, you stand no chance to get War-God down with it. The 4th gate shouldn't be a problem if you
    a) Put people to interupt the fire-casters
    b) don't stand infront of the war bears since they cleave
    c) Kill 1 war bear > 1 beast shaman, never have 2 beast shamans up, aswell as interupt their chain lightning and de-curse as soon as they cast their hex ability.

    A good thing we did on our first kill a few days ago is that we tanked the boss left of the door (if you look straight at it) and had the raid on the right side of the door with the tank at the door. Hope it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruggleee View Post
    after have got(around 25 wipes)
    Plenty of guilds needed >100 pulls for their first kill in 10m. If the rest of your team is around your ilvl (512) I would go Ji-Kun first.

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    Hi Rugglee, we've been using bout 4nights now on Horridon HC.

    We got gate 4 very easily by now, we decided to use our prot pala tanking Horridon the entire fight, meaning he can keep vengeance up for healing, and time the SoTR much easier

    On 4th gate, When the 2 bears are spawning at the same time, let the prot pala whos tanking Horridon pick 1 up, and tell him to time SoTR with every debuff attack, or he might get 1shotted with low gear.

    That means the Tank dmg on both targets should be equal so u just put a healer to focus 1 tank, and the healer to focus another, while having a atonement disc priest thats healing everything much lol :b

    Keep 1 caster on a Flamecaster at all time for nuking, let the rest of the raid nuke Bear, then shaman, new bear then shaman, last bear then shaman, that way the dmg on the entire raid, and on tanks shouldnt be too hard to handle

    GL HF

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