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    Talent switching macros - Never swap your spells anymore !

    Hello fellow warlocks !

    I was tired of having to swap my spells each time I swapped talents for a specific fight or pvp. So I tried to create a macro, which allowed me to cast the selected talent, while also showing the correct icon.

    I kind of struggled to do this, since some spells are bugged, and had a friend of mine help me to achieve my goal. (all credits go to him, the Great Linuske !)

    The result is really nice, and I thought it might interest some of the this forum's readers, so here they are :

    Level 30 Talent :

    /cast Howl of Terror
    /cast Mortal Coil
    /cast Shadowfury
    /script c=GetSpellInfo(5484); d=GetSpellInfo(6789); e=GetSpellInfo(30283)
    /run SetMacroSpell("Talent 30", GetSpellInfo(c) or GetSpellInfo(d) or GetSpellInfo(e))

    Level 60 Talent :

    /cast Unbound Will
    /cast Blood Horror
    /cast Burning Rush
    /script c=GetSpellInfo(111397); d=GetSpellInfo(111400); e=GetSpellInfo(108482)
    /run SetMacroSpell("Talent 60", GetSpellInfo(c) or GetSpellInfo(d) or GetSpellInfo(e))

    There are two important things to keep in mind while using these macros.

    First, the bolded part in each macro must be the same text as the macro's name for it to work.
    And second, each time you swap a talent, you must use the macro once for it to reflect the correct icon. This kind be annoying with Unbound Will as it will proc the 1min cd, but swapping talent early on allows you to bypass this small hindrance.

    Hope this'll help !

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