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    Sorry, but re-equiping your trinkets will get you nothing if they are on a 45sec icd.

    My trinkets proc at the beginning of the fight and then again during the first pool phase.

    With your method you would just lose the first uptime phase at the beginning.

    Further, you can use your pot only once during a fight, so you wont have it for another ele+ascendence combo.

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    I pre-pot, and by doing so, pot's still not up for the start of 1st pool, but they'll all sync at the 3rd pool.(fire ele + ascendance + pot) I was at 175k dps till the end last night, if i wasnt stupid and died at the end.. Seems decent to me.

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    So as an elemental shaman we should use PE on this fight rather then EB?

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    I also pre-pot and have my pot and my trinkets ready during heroism. Thats when I use ascendence and have PFE out.

    But well, I think it just doesnt matter in that fight.

    Funny fact, I also died last time with such fancy dps, happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luneward View Post
    Being number one on damage doesn't help prove that elemental is gaining benefit from the pool. The problem is that it is a percentage based damage buff. Some pets (A Monk's Xuen for example) don't gain benefit from percentage based raw damage buffs - only from stats (potions, procs) and heroism. So the question is if the elemental properly gains that benefit or if it is like those other pets and doesn't gain specific benefit from the pool itself.
    Clearly I didn't explain myself well in a typical fight on the first cd with all CDs used my fire elemental will do about 4.5million DMg in the 1 minute he is up on Jin he does almost 8 million thus he is benefiting from the bonus dmg. Answering the question at hand does PE FE benefit from the pool and the answer is still yes

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