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    PvP Power and PvP Resil broken down

    I decided to make this just so people unaware of how PvP power and PvP resilience works could be informed. Personally on my server I see the vast majority of players gemming full pvp power assuming they are perfectly balanced stats. I just wanted to shed a little light on the subject.

    PvP Power Gemming PvP Resilience Gemming
    56.62% -> 67.56% 65.30% -> 69.18%
    1.5662x -> 1.6756x 0.347x -> 0.3082x
    10k hit becomes 10k hit becomes
    15,662 -> 16,756 3,470 -> 3,082
    6.985% increased damage 12.589% increased damage reduction

    This was done in full Tyrannical gear on Patch 5.3 PTR - Build 16781 and the new build 16790 does not seem to change anything.

    Both tests are using the 200 resil Chest Enchant as it is baseline for pvp either way.

    Note that a 12.6% damage reduction also means that you will be able to play more offensively than otherwise, which may or may not equate to the 7% damage gain in the end.

    On another note, it appears that ,even after the changes to resilience and PvP power, resilience will still be the more optimal choice of gemming in 5.3. I find this to be a good thing as otherwise pvp may have became even more bursty than it currently is .
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    Don't full gem either of them, balance is the key:}.
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    To see this a bit better it might be good to look at the benefit you get from Power vs. Resil on a curve - you may be getting a lower conversion rate of PVP power due to having a lot already (I assume both stats have diminishing returns though I haven't looked into it in a long time). But I think you're still right that Resil is the obvious choice. Especially given the amount of burst in the game.

    Actually come to think of it if they remove Resil but keep PVP Power that will make Resil even stronger as you will have none of it to begin with so no DR. Unless they change the DR curves.
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    Just saying, but there is a nice sticky explaining why resilience is better then PvP power

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    Just saying, but there is a nice sticky explaining why resilience is better then PvP power
    In his defense I think he was also sort of checking into what it will look like in 5.3 via ptrs, you never know the values and math might change even yet.

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    Of course Resilience may be still good....but only 12,6% increased damage reduction, but nowadays, a full geared player compared to a new one means up to 30%. That is a huge difference, and beside that you wont gem only resilience

    5.3 seems well balanced with that changes.

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