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    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    Because they don't want the people behind them to get through the fight sooner and potentially beat them to Ra-Den.

    Hoping that Mini-Valk isn't a TCG or Bliz Store pet...
    It's not, there's a screenshot of the pet in the wild in Icecrown.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amgyn View Post
    ...Portal movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geish View Post
    World first Lei Shen was killed almost a month ago, after that its firsts with modifiers and raid size difference and continent firsts and whatnot. The most prestige one is naturally 25 man heroic, but getting any of the lesser ones is also great feat. If Paragon could get the most prestige 25 man firsts, they surely would try, but they are smart and know their limitations. It's better to be big fish in a small pond etc.
    that big fish in small pond is kinda funny... considering Paragon in (25 man) obliterated every guild till Dragon Soul. ur either playing this game since cataclysm or have memory of a small fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Bad analogy is bad.

    Correct analogy would be with equal distance but different way to finish it ie. running vs walking.
    No, that's still as bad as comparing 400m and 100m sprints.

    The "correct"* analogy would be having two groups of people running a XXX meter sprint, first group has the 8 runners that the track was made for (although the boss areas usually tend to be designed around the bigger group), and the second group has 20 runners (2.5x8=20 [2.5x10=25]). Both groups run the same distance, but it's a hell of a lot more crowded in the second group, making it harder for some people along the way. But that's still irrelevant, as the best of the best will still run the same times on both groups, no matter the size. (i.e Usain Bolt would still run the 400m sprint as fast no matter if he's in the first or second group, because he's still a better runner than the rest)

    *There's really no CORRECT analogy, but only analogies that come close.

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    Those Dark Legacy comics are hilarious, lmao

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    Anyone knows if shaman buff is live in europe?

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    Congratulations, Method!

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    Congrats to Method on getting world first

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    3 to 2 odds the baby direhorn is a new Children's Week pet!

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    Don't know if anyone else has speculated - who wants to bet that "Bad Robot Productions" will be the production company behind the Warcraft film?

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    Gz for Method! Also that Bad Robot pet is super hilarious.

    Next: J. J. Abrams directs the WoW movie..
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    Quote Originally Posted by siafu View Post
    that big fish in small pond is kinda funny... considering Paragon in (25 man) obliterated every guild till Dragon Soul. ur either playing this game since cataclysm or have memory of a small fish.
    Back then Paragon was the best no doubt, but then they lost their roster and/or momentum, just like many guilds have before Paragon. It's hard to stay on top, and they found a way to prolong it by migrating to a smaller pond. Just because they cant compete for the most prestigious goals anymore, doesnt diminish their past accomplishments.

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    BadRobot = JJ Abrams WoW movie? Weird. He seems so committed to other projects for the foreseeable future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post
    My shamy is more happier then ever !!
    But, if my raidgroup is any indication (I'm a shaman), shamans are already quite powerful. Both as resto and elemental. The only person I felt did alot better was an enhancement shaman.

    But yeah, just one group..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    To be honest, resto druids could use some buffs more than resto shamans...
    Resto druids are pretty good in 10-man raiding from what I've seen from my own raid group and online research. 25s are a different ballpark, I'll agree. However, resto shamans did need a buff - just not sold on what the hotfix gave us.

    Take a look at this WoW Insider article. I'm curious to know what you think of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by flak View Post
    What is the point of buffing shaman grouped healing? They're already strong at that - what they don't have is a decent toolset for healing spread targets.
    They did buff Earthliving, which is a good step in my opinion. Chain Heal? I use that sparingly since the Tidal Waves effect isn't really enough incentive - see Riptide glyph - nor does a slow cast for a spell that depends on players being grouped up long enough to benefit from it (though 20% stronger may encourage more use of it). Healing Rain? Don't see how it helps any, considering that it was strong enough as it is.

    However, the problem I perceive is that this raiding tier heavily emphasizes lots of movement - which is long the bane of any resto shaman. To be certain, we've got Spiritwalker's Grace to help in that department but it is a 2min CD and has rarely been considered more than just a band-aid.

    It's also possible, as suggested in the linked article from earlier, that our mastery is getting undercut by other healers' "smart heal" and sniped healing. Mastery: Deep Healing depends a lot on players being towards the low end of health - the greatest example of its usefulness was BWD's Chimaeron fight. So...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarl Balgruuf View Post
    Nice job and all, but WOW that is a horrendous screenshot.
    Rather poor job of trying to conceal one's tactics, to boot.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrWilson View Post
    Anyone knows if shaman buff is live in europe?
    The "tweet" was put out yesterday, so if the shaman buff hasn't gone live in the EU yet it definitely will have by tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoefschildpad View Post
    Bad robot? I wonder if that means JJ Abrams' company is producing the warcraft movie...
    Quote Originally Posted by dragothica View Post
    Gz for Method! Also that Bad Robot pet is super hilarious.

    Next: J. J. Abrams directs the WoW movie..
    Legendary Pictures is the production company and, originally, Sam Raimi was the director. Raimi eventually was replaced with Duncan Jones, so I find it highly improbable that Blizzard is going through yet another director.
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    Grats Method on world first 25m and Paragon for world first 10m!

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    Grats Method!

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    Grats to Method!

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