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    Hearthstone Spot - (fansite) - looking for help & suggestions

    Heys guys,

    I decided to kick-start my own HS:HoW fansite but as there were already pretty much wikis around, I gone for a blog format. Atm, the site covers blue-posts, media coverage and community stuff.

    I'm looking for your suggestions and even looking for help.

    The site is named Hearthstone Spot and available over snip
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    After a quick glance your site looks pretty good. I like how you've listed the articles of different sites on yours so I don't have to google around. I'll take a better look once I get home.

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    yea it's cool, but for me personally it doesn't load in google chrome.
    so i have to start opera in turbo mode, that is the only way your page is loading for me. :-/

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    @sykke thanks.

    @hostile, can i get a screenshot or something to see the problem in chrome? I'm testing the site from at least 3 different places/computers and din't hit the bug yet. Can you also please state your chrome's exact version?
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    Loads perfect on a PC with Firefox. Great to have a blog that collects all the information from twitter, forums and so on! Keep up the good work.

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    thanks! those feedbacks motivates me more to improve the site

    oh and @hostile, I've used browsershots.org to get some more chrome based screenshots and seems they're all good? I suspect a problem more of your side; snip
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    Looking good! Suggestion: A menu to easily access the different type of posts - ie: Blue posts or screenshots.
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    I like the simple layout. Btw I'm using chrome and have no problem whatsoever.

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    @justjimmy, thanks for the suggestion, I'm working on those improvements.

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    Working perfectly with Chrome on windows

    nice site, love the clean layout

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    yea i guess the problem is on my side. sigh

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    @hostile, re-check please with chrome. I already updated site's design.

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    Looks fine in Chrome (v26.0.1410.43) on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Keep up the good work. Looks a bit plain, but /shrug, personal opinion!

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    I really like your site. Looks clean and simple. Maybe you could add some link to Heartstone wiki.

    Offtop: cant wait till summer, grrrr

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    now it works great man

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    I like the clean look and I think you did a good job on your card database. Two suggestions: if you can try to match the color scheme up a little more with the game it will be more recognizable. Maybe similar to Blizzard's presentation slides. Secondly, I'd suggest moving the "Recent Forum Posts", "Recent Articles", and "Categories" boxes to the top of the page so they are easier to find. Otherwise, it looks really good and something I could see myself using when the game comes out.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I've just started working on card database today - I'm still adding the cards and icons & colors arent fixed yet. (and I haven't announced the db yet although it's visible on the site )

    Oh and for those "Recent Forum Posts", "Recent Articles", and "Categories" boxes I didn't have time yet to fix them. Thanks for the points.

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