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    Scenarios, heroics or make the dailies easier than they are, since at the moment they are very time-consuming.

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    Daily oriented gameplay is the single greatest thing blizz ever did. It allows them to use the exact same quest content over and over so they don't have to worry about producing as many new dungeons and other types of content. It also allows the player to login every single day with something to do, ensuring that their sub remains active.

    Other than the fact that its dull, unimaginative type of gameplay, dailies fulfill all the criteria of good content; they gets players out into the world, they give them attainable goals to work towards everyday, and they offer long term character progression.

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    A simple fix would be 3 times increase of valors and charms per daily quest. Right now it fells like you get cheated for a time spend on some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    Isle of Thunder dailies don't take an hour. Or at least, they sure as hell have never taken me an hour. I'll time myself tomorrow and report back on this.
    Update on this: A full set of dailies, ALONE, took me about 33 minutes.

    How your group or four or five raid grouped people managed to take at least twice as long is beyond me.
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    The thing about dailies is it gets people out in the world and makes the game feel a lot more epic.... if you are getting bored of doing them everyday, I'd say just don't do em every day. I thought they did overkill at the start of MoP, but this patch has been very good, with a mixture of an ulduar raid with sunwell dailies - can't go wrong there. Plus the fact that you are opening up new territories makes it interesting, they really put a lot into the isle of thunder I'd say.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind if it the mogu runes of fate cost less, perhaps 45 charms instead?

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    the dailies in and of themselves are fine. it's the stupid rep gating that hides behind them is why people hate them so much and why they appear "mandatory" in order to raid. because to even get a single piece of VP gear, you need to do dailies. no other way. you can get your 500 rep a day but we'll see how long it takes you to reach honored like that with all the factions.

    the worst of it though is rep gating dailies. by that I mean, I have 2 factions, shado-pan and august celestials, that I am completely barred off from doing until I'm revered with the golden lotus, which is such a horrible grind once I got my druid to honored for the 476 patterns I stopped. and those 2 factions have the most vp gear it seems (or at least, everything I needed for my lock seemed to come from there).

    do away with rep gating and it won't feel mandatory. or allow us alternative ways to gain rep, be it the tabard or whatever else. personally I didn't feel "required" to run dungeons with a tabard, because you wound up with a lot of rep from a single dungeon, and vp gear wasn't gated behind the rep. you could get more epics if you grinded rep but it wasn't necessary. you could get 346 ilvl in cataclysm through heroics and hop into a raid. now you need to get 460 through heroics (max you can get just from heroics is 463), and then hop into lfr to run a boring simplified version of the raid (which I have no problem with lfr, but I REALLLY hate it being on the progression path), and grind that for a few weeks, not days, weeks, until you can get into a raid.

    as for isle of thunder, I'm not sure I feel it's as mandatory. the gear is nice but mostly, I actually just love the zone. the dailies themselves are...bland...except the saurok ones those are fun, but the zone itself is just one of the coolest zones I've seen, so I love questing in it. I need to do the more recent dailies I haven't done any since I hit exalted in stage 2, other than pvp dailies.

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