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    Force of nature ferals SOOOO OP

    This is comming from a feral and i think this spell is the most broken thing as a druid right now we loss our burst but as of right now on ptr this has a 20 recharge time and stuns the target for 5 secs not on a gcd not only that but u can simple make a macro to stun an entire 3's team with 1 click on a 20 sec cd. shockwave comes to mind but this can not miss or be parry'd block or dodge its soo stupid. the best peel ever the only thing is ur target has to los and with in 40yr range

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    Oh, you're serious.


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    you can only stun the entire 3's team every 1 min.

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    Even if you can stun the entire team every 20 seconds, still pretty balance, since you are giving up your main burst ability in return. You aren't going to kill a good team if you have a feral without incarnation, you would need some pretty sick burst classes with you to cover for the damage you would loose.

    I haven't tested it, but this seems like something better used in BGs, especially if you find yourself getting ganked.
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    Well, you are losing out on Incarnation if you go with Force of Nature. Seems like a decent trade off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gebuz View Post
    you can only stun the entire 3's team every 1 min.
    yeah i know that now i played with it more it does suck for serious arena but its funny to use and like some one else said its great for bg's 5 sec stun no gcd on a 40yr range

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