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    10man normal TORTOS advices

    We are having trouble with 10 man normal TORTOS, specially with the bats

    My core is:

    DK :Torto's Tank
    Pala : Off tank, bats

    HEalers : Monk, DiscPriest and a Druid

    DPS: 2Warlocks, 1 hunter, 1 shadowpriest and 1 enhancement shamy

    Rightnow I am going as affliction because I am using the curse of exhaustion to slow down the turtles. I am in charge of kicking the turtles

    The other warlock is destro

    Our strategy is using the first turtle to interrupt Tortos sand breath and the second to hit the bats in order to kill them faster

    DestroLock, the ShadowPriest, the hunter and myself are killing the turtles, sometimes the hunter helps our shamy to kill the bats with AOE, but his priority are the turtles.

    But even with that , our tank and healer are having troubles to maintain the life of the offtank in order to prevent the bats to use drain of the weak

    Any advice?

    (Sorry for my english, it is not my foreing language)

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    Why isn't everyone switching to the bats? The priority is turtles > bats > Tortos, are you saying that you never have any down time between turtles for people to switch off them to the bats?

    Turtles you should probably mark with a skull, so they go down quicker. These are essentially the "dps checks" of the fight, if you can't move from turtles to bats to Tortos, something is off with your DPS. Those are 5 pretty good cleave classes you have there for AoE.

    Also, everyone should switch to everything. All dps on turtles, then all on bats, then all on Tortos. You may be tempted to try and push damage during his cracked shell debuff (from when a turtle gets kicked through him), but you should really only be using that as a "catch up" mechanic from all the add killing. The whole fight is about add control.

    If that isn't the problem, and the problem is purely tanking/healing on the bat tank, I'd have to see a log to assess anything, but it's not particularly difficult to hold the bat adds. In normal, you just need to be above 350k health to not trigger Drain the Weak, which should be near-ish to 50% of your tanks health. Divine Protection should be up for each wave, and your tank should be using shield of the righteous too, in conjunction with sacred shield.

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    Are you stunning the bats? I know shockwave works, not sure for shadowfury but with 2 warlocks this should be fairly easy - one can stun them when they come down and the other one right before stomp to give your healers some time to heal up the bat tank. You can also have your DK tank spec into remorseless winter and freeze the bats after your paladin drags them close.

    If you're not comfortable with affliction just have your DK glyph death and decay and use that to slow the turtles. It's not nearly as effective as a lock though.

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    you should be focusing down one turtle at a time, so the hunter can perma slow them with concussive, no need for CoEx
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    A few things my raid does that might help.

    1 - For turtles, mark 1 to be focused down right away, all ranged should be on this turtle and melee should get hits on it when it first comes out. Have your DK spec chillblains to get slows on all 3 when they come out. After the first dies, mark a second.
    2 - After the first turtle dies, pick 1 ranged with good aoe to help with bats along with melee. They should be killed or near dead before quake stomp. If the bats are not dead by the time stomp hits, make sure your bat tank has a big cd (ancient kings, ardent defender, etc.) to survive.
    3 - If he's not already, have your bat tank take glyph of blinding light. Popping this right before a stomp will give healers a buffer to heal him after the stomp before bats start hitting again.
    4 - 1 melee with priority of bats > boss is all you really need to get him down. Any other dps should only dps the boss if there are absolutely no adds up (multi-dotting is good though) until you get him to ~30% health when you can ignore adds and hard burn the boss to the end.

    Lastly, if any of your healers have a viable dps spec, consider 2-healing this. The extra dps to keep turtles and bats under control is a huge help, and will actually make healing easier since there will be fewer turtles interfering with casts and bats will die faster. The healing on this fight is very manageable for 2 people if you cycle cd's for stomps and make sure to have things ready for the tank if he has to eat a stomp while still holding bats.

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    Hello, This is how we completed this fight:

    2 Tanks, 3 Healers & 5 DPS. This is a safe composition, as long as you have the DPS nescessary this will do.

    Split the tanks up, 1 Tank picks the boss, the other Tank the Bats. Once the Bats are down, Tank picks them up, make sure he has them all, then move them to the boss asap. We had 1 Hunter to sit on the bats as soon as they landed (first Misdirected then started killing them). This way the bats died very quickly.

    As soon as the Turtles comes, Mark 1 quickly and your raid will nuke that one first. We had 1 Designated "Turtle Kicker" to kick the turtle into the boss to interupt him. The rest of the DPS finished off the other 2 Turtles. We made sure that we ALWAYS had 1 turtle avaible to kick, once the new Turtles spawn. That way you'll debuff the new Turtles with the Damage Increase, which is very very nice.

    Once you've killed the adds, focus the boss until new adds spawn (if you have good Multi Dot classes, they should obviously Multi Dot the boss aswell).

    So, all in all, Prioritize Adds > Boss. When the boss hits 20% he will spawn Turtles more frequently, it helps out alot if you time it, so that you get a Massive Stomp and a Call of Tortos just before 20%. When you then hit 20%, Kick a turtle into the boss, BL and kill him. Ignore the rest.

    Good Luck!
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    How do you avoid getting RNG'd by the bats when they come down? Most of the time things go well, but sometimes I just get vaporized bc the moment I have to Keg Smash the bats and roll out, I get hit by a turtle and they global me thru shuffle. And I can't just stay back and wait, because otherwise they will vaporize the healer they're coming down on top of.

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    keg toss. Target a bat, see who they have threat on, spam kegs at them.

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    Small suggestion, and something that I do as a Mistweaver on Tortos.. Leg Sweep the bats. That stun = 5 seconds of them not doing any damage to your off-tank. If the off-tank ever takes a spike in dmg from something you can just toss your Life Cocoon on him/her too. It's not needed for anything else in that fight.

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    You have a prot paladin. Single tank it. The bats will aggro the tank because of his massive healing. Same strategy is viable for heroic

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    I'm a resto druid and can offer some tips for your druid which helps our group with control. The talented version of fairie fire is very useful here, it has no cd and can slow turtles for a large amount of time, no positional requirement needed, just target and fire. Quite good for the turtles which aren't the primary target. For bats disorientating roar works well to either allow for more time for the tank to get threat or to allow a md from a hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasboz View Post
    You have a prot paladin. Single tank it. The bats will aggro the tank because of his massive healing. Same strategy is viable for heroic
    Could you explain that? What massive healing? Im little lost by that, could you go into more detail ( also is that haste build? )

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    Get the hunter to play sv if they aren't already and be on bat duty. MD the bats to the tank, bats should be tanked at tortos, now your melee can hit them too and everyone cleaves onto the boss. As long as their is 1 turtle shell to kick, prioritise the bats over the turtles. Now your hunter will crush everyone elses damage (sv aoe is awesome), the bats wont kill the a healer randomly (due to MD), the tank is less likely to get killed (because the bats will die faster)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BetrayedOf52 View Post
    Could you explain that? What massive healing? Im little lost by that, could you go into more detail ( also is that haste build? )
    Prot. paladin's healing is ramped up by vengeance. The more vengeance a prot. has, the larger heal they can do. And since the snapping bite and the melee from Tortos leaves you paladin around 90k vengeance, then he does some significant self healing. And when the bats spawn, they will go right to him, as his "healing aggro" is larger then the healers. They just need to have certain talents and glyphs (this is our prot. pala, he doesn't solo tank, but bats still are going for him 99% of the time. Logs from our last kill).

    But if you want to solo tank, your healers will have top your pala up as soon as possible after snapping bite, if he has bats. And as long as s/he stays above 350k HP all is good when he is tanking bats.
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    Single tank and have a DPS or your usual 2nd tank kite the bats the entire fight.

    More uptime on turtles/tortos and less worry about keeping the bat tank topped off at all times.

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    One of the boss mod adds auto marks the turtles when they come out (someone else here will probably be able to tell you which) If memory serves the first out is the square. Make sure everyone prios that, then the rest.

    What we found is that the bats actually start their aggro in the air so they'll normally go right for a healer (in our case we used a warrior tank <less snap AoE> on them so our holy paladin had Righteous Fury up to bring them all to the tank) Consider marking an area near the middle for the healers to generally congregate if you're finding you are getting random gibs.

    Additionally you are using three healers so teach one of the healers to do the kicking and only assign a backup dps if they are too far away. Our group uses our mistweaver to kick and our fmage to kick on the bats if our monk has to keep the bat tank up.
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    With a prot pallie just solo tank it and have your 2nd tank go dps and aoe the crap out of bats with the tank when they drop down. The prot pallie will be doing craptons of dmg and healing due to absurdly high veng!

    Here is our log from this weeks normal kill:

    DMG : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/1...?s=6167&e=6501

    Healing : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/1...?s=6167&e=6501

    As you can see Vail's healing and dmg is just retarded... makes the fight a breeze! and I ge to go lol fail off spec and have fun with aoe :P

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    Switch tanks let DK go for bats and pala tank boss its much easier first because pala gains more from vengeance and dk can stack his bloodshield when going for the bats. have you should have, 4 people on bats that 2dps 2 tanks you have alot of multidot so boss will tick down slowly

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    After a few Call of Turtles, you can spend Turtles to add the debuff to Bats, so you can AoE them really quick.

    If you've problems with Drain of the Weak, place the tank with higher HP tanking the bats and just make sure you stun the adds before every Stomp. If you place your DK on the bats, he can use Remorseless Winter, on the next one warlock stun them and he has Remorseless Winter for the next one. You just continue the pattern.

    Also, is there any chance for you to do the encounter with 2 healers?

    Just tell your raid to move like 10 yards away from the Blue Circles on the ground from the stalactites so you lower the damage the raid takes so you can focus your tanks a lot more.
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