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    Simcraft Thunderforged vs T15 (how can i add thunderforged upgrade v2 items?)

    I hope the title speaks for itself.

    I'm currently using 2x 428 thunderforged items rater then using the t14_4 , simply because the ilvl diffrence is so big.
    and id like to sim how nonset thunderforged (with and without upgrades @5.3) are vs t_15set_4_heroic.

    sadly i don't know how to import thunderforged items via simcraft. and @ chardev they don't show up with the normal drops.

    Well long story short. In my guild pretty mutch nobody uses the nonsets, that means a lot of loot that someone could pick up :P and if the thunderforged stuff (drops pretty often) is as good or almost as good as t15_4 i woudn't mind using nonset (since the new set bonus is kinda boring and looks pretty crappy to me)

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    Find the item IDs. You can change the IDs in the simulate tab.

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    hmmkay sounds like a shitload of work but thanks a lot

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