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    Quote Originally Posted by moremana View Post
    Hasnt this horse been beat enough?

    Really, how much more dumbed down do you want Blizz to make this game?

    next everyone will be wanting account wide epics.

    o wait, I shouldn't have said that.
    Allowing people to use heirlooms they have spent time gaining on other servers is dumbing down the game?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldish View Post
    Like the idea very much. Complete itemsets make itemdrops from dungeons during the level process totally needless.
    Part of the beauty of heirlooms is not needing to worry about replacing major parts of your gear every few levels and the problem with needing to use drops from dungeons is that they become outdated so quickly, especially early on in the game.

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    I bet a fair proportion of realm transfers are people transferring their heirlooms. Blizz won't implement something that earns them less money.

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    I would maybe start playing wow again on a limited basis if they did make them battlenet/cross server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatking View Post
    I bet a fair proportion of realm transfers are people transferring their heirlooms. Blizz won't implement something that earns them less money.
    I'm not so sure. I believe most people do realm transfers because they want to change the home realm for their characters, have had bad experiences on their current realm, or want a change from their current realm. I don't think most people who do transfers do it for heirlooms specifically.

    What do you think is greater: the number of people willing to pay to have their heirlooms transferred to another realm, or the number of altoholics that will continue to subscribe knowing they can transfer heirlooms between realms for free? Sure, altoholics don't make up the majority of players but they still make up a fairly large proportion of subscribers and it's in Blizzard's best interest to keep that proportion happy. Implementing heirlooms as truly account wide would be such a move.
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    They need to make an Heirloom tab in your spell book and make it so that once you have an Max lvl character all your other Heirlooms automatically upgrade to lvl 90 or whatever max lvl is for that time period so we can lvl our alts faster.

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    Yeah, something like this would be cool. I really like having heirlooms on my chars so I can level quicker and get to endgame (the stuff I want to do) quicker. It's something that needs to be implemented imo, but I guess it's not top priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madrox View Post
    How does this solve the OPs issue of sending them to a different server? I mean this request gets floated about a lot and tons of people have the same old solutions (which could work for all that I know about WoW code) and they all come down to to some sort of account wide, one time purchase, unlockable which Blizzard have flat out said they were not going to do. I'm not sure what problem your solution actually solves other than it costing gold rather honor/JP.
    Maybe the trinket can be purchased by anyone who has a lvl 90 attached to their account. Instead of making required for a main to buy it. Or, maybe they can make the trinket an item in the Blizz store. You buy it and it is sent to each character on your account. Then you can mail it to alts on the same realm since it came in the mailbox. Kinda the way Chilly the Penguin and the Mt Dew bot used to. There is a way to fix it and the trinket sounds like a good idea. Plus, as another poster mentions later on, this would "re-validate" the need/use of quest blues and greens again while still allowing the alt the bonuses of BoA gear. Rather than questioning someone's solution, maybe you should be productive and offer alternate solutions.
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    oh please make heirlooms account wide. get that cross realm mail working already!

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