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    Mastery or Haste for 10 Man 2 Healing w/ Disc

    Hey guys i was wondering if its worth going haste over mastery for 10 man with a disc healer? we are 2 healing most fights and I was wondering if its worth it or not. A good amount of the gear has haste as its secondary stat. I just looted Thunderforged Chest off Lei Shen last night and i have 2 pc tier as well. Please dont flame me, it's just a question i was wondering about that's all.

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    I understand your thinking; theoretically haste and mastery are very close in throughput, and mastery is preferred because it has hidden benefits to mana conservation (haste = more spells = greater mana cost). Healing with a disc is traditionally a pain because of their insane absorbs making it harder for us to find opportunities to do effective healing.

    But no its not worth switching just because you're healing with a disc priest. I 2 heal with a disc priest and from what I've seen illuminated healing overhealing is generally quite low, you'll generally see most of your mastery to be effective healing because you rarely cap them shields (perhaps on the tank) before both the discs and your absorbs are used up by the damage. There aren't any fights this tier where there isn't any raid damage for more than 30 seconds so unless you're spamming aoe heals during times of low damage, your mastery is very rarely wasted. This is probably even more true now that spirit shell is less powerful and atonement is more powerful (although atonement does create an absorb - its less of a blanket absorb that PoH spamming created).

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