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    Would this way work for xmog?

    Hi, was wondering about an easy way to transmog alts.

    If I grouped with one other person then ran a dungeon/raid solo and killed everything for loot for xmog, then left the party and had the other person invite my alt into the group, would they be able to run into the dungeon/raid and loot the bodies for gear?

    I know back in the BC days we use to do Shadow Labs as a group to get the Kara key part, for those of you old enough to remember, kill the last boss then 4 would leave the party and we'd invite 4 new people in so they could loot the body and get the key part.

    So my idea is kind of the same.

    Would the other person have to be in the instance as well?

    Just a thought, would it work?

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    As far as i know it won't work, you can't loot the bodies if you were not in the group when the mob was killed

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    No, to overly simplify the process, you can imagine that every dungeon boss that dies instantly takes down a list of all the people involved in the moment it's death, and his loot will only be visible to those people.

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    Just bring them with, make sure they engage the boss. If they die, rez them later.
    This way they get the ID and access to loot
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    It only worked for Shadow Labyrinth's Kara key because that wasn't a boss drop, it was just sitting in a container at the end. To loot a boss you must be present in the instance when the boss is killed.

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