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    Getting started with lore question

    I know I'm a little behind the curve when it comes to wow lore, but I'm looking for more interactive ways to play the game. I've been playing for a very long time but have always just glanced over the lore on my way to the loots. I started reading some lore on wow insider and realize how deeply lost I am. My question is, where are some nice quest chains or events that can get me started on understanding the state of Azeroth?

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    First of all, I'd recommend skimming Wowpedia, especially for the the summaries of the various WoW novels. Other than that, hmmm - well, in general reading quests helps a lot, and paying attention to NPC dialogues, personally I'd take WoW Insider with a grain of salt as their articles tend to be biased and very subjective.

    Some dungeons are very lore rich, such as Old Hillsbrad, Black Morass and Hyjal - and of course it goes without saying that playing the old Warcraft games provides a lot of info as well, despite some retcons and changes.

    As for the "state of Azeroth", that depends - if you mean the current one then the entirety of Jade Forest, a bit of Kun-Lai, the 5.1 dailies and 5.2 dailies should provide a lot of lore info (The Mogu, Wrathion, Garrosh etc) regarding the entire planet.

    Oh and of course it would be silly if I didn't use this opportunity to inform you about an upcoming Lore Podcast, which will delve into just about every aspect of the lore on a weekly basis - first episode should be recorded this saturday and will (mostly) be about the lore behind Fel Magic, since that is quite relevant with the 5.2 "Green Fire" Warlock quest chain.

    Hope this helps!

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    It kind of depends what you consider the 'state of azeroth'.

    Universally? Then starting at what we know of the Titans and Old Gods may be a good idea. Go through the Badlands to Ulduman (read everything the holograph at the end tells you), then move to Silithus. Finish the Silithus questlines and do AQ20 and AQ40. (Optionally, travel to Shadowmoon Valley and do the questline with the undead Arakkoa.) Then travel to Storm Peaks, do the Sons of Hodir questlines there. Complete Halls of Stone, then Halls of Lightning, then complete Ulduar and save Azeroth with the Request Code Alpha from Algalon. Knowing the device that Algalon wouldve activated still exists, travel to Deepholm, discover the Waygate, then travel to Uldum. Do Harrison Ford's Amazing Cutscene Adventure and finish Halls of Origination. That should get you up to speed in regards to Titans, Old Gods, and the Curse of Flesh.

    Horde vs Alliance? I guess you should start at one of the beginnings. Go to Caverns of Time and help Medivh open the Dark Portal in the Black Morass. Knowing the Orcs have entered Azeroth, travel to Swamp of Sorrows and do the alliance/horde themed quests there.. just pretend you're a couple decennia in the past. Back to Caverns of Time, the old Horde is defeated and the orcs are in internment camps. Help Thrall escape in Old Hillsbrad. From then on out, I guess you should level an Orc Warrior or Shaman from lvl 1 to 60ish without heirlooms through Durotar, Barrens, etc, and then a human warrior or paladin from 1 to 60 without heirlooms through Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge etc, to get a good feel of how Horde vs Alliance's viewpoints are unable to meet in the middle. Then, finally, do the main questline in the Southern Barrens on both those characters. THat final bit will tell you everything there is to know about the differences between both factions and how war will never change.
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    I like this site. It gives me a chance to follow a sequence and read bits and pieces along the way. I am not an avid book reader, but I too was curious about lore. I think you would find them to be interesting reads.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks a lot for all the good ideas! I'm gonna slowly start checking out some of the quest chains suggested here and hopefully catch up on some lore!

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    OMFGCata's Lore for Noobs series actually got me somewhat interested in actually giving two squats about lore. The videos may prove a decent starting point for you.


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    Quest and take notes. Rinse and repeat for all the starter zones (which are great sources of how the lore interacts with people in the current age). Read between the lines. By level 20, you will be amazed at how much you missed before.

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