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    Where do you rank Throne of Thunder in your" best raids ever" ranking?

    I've heard from many people that they personally think Throne of Thunder is comparable to Ulduar in quality. what's your opinion?
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    Of course everyone's perspective on Ulduar is different, which a lot of players now a days never played wotlk to know Ulduar. But, it's a fun raid, not my favorite but overall a good raid.

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    i voted a little worse than ulduar. I think most of it is just as good. I just miss the different activatible hard modes.

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    prefer ToT, think the story is better, bosses are more interesting. Only thing I give to Ulduar was the enviroment, I dont think anything is ever going to top the location of ULDUAR! RAWRRRR

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    I would say it's this expansion's version of Ulduar. But I have only done the first two parts so it really depends on how the boss fights in the second half holds up. Best raid of MoP so far though, and probably even the best raid since Ulduar came out.

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    To early to say.

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    I just love the creepy and ancient eviorment of ToT and Lei Shen is by far one of the most badass bad guys in WoW imo, the guy calls him self a slayer of Gods? like comeon now. Said that, I really like the Lore of Titans (which ToT also has on a smaller scale) and a lot of the fight mechanics that Ulduar had. So in my opinion its completely tied, I like both, because both have cool stories and fights.

    (NOTE - ive only killed Lei Shen on normal 25man, I havent tackled heroics yet, that'd be starting tonight.)
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    Not very high. Bosses are fun, but everything else doesn't interest me at all.

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    Seems like about only 1900 guilds can REALLY have an opinion on this...much much fewer if you count the ones who did HMs. And who were also around for HMs in Ulduar.

    Me I can't judge, my HM raiding days are long over - I only take the scenic tour these days....

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    Most people haven't even finished it. How can you ask this yet?
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    i killed the first boss then left >.< First boss just totally drained my energy, fight felt like it lasted hours -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    i killed the first boss then left >.< First boss just totally drained my energy, fight felt like it lasted hours -.-

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    I hated Ulduar a great deal. I'm hating ToT much more.

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    Better than Ulduar, I feel much more immersed in this place. Unlike Ulduar this one doesn't have many filler bosses either. To top it all off Lei Shen has to be one of the best villains in WoW, even the Pandaren speak of the things he did as great accomplishments, even if their whole race were enslaved by him. Then again, Yoggy was also a great villain, the only difference is that Lei Shen has been hyped up much more by in-game events.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thodrin View Post
    Of course everyone's perspective on Ulduar is different, which a lot of players now a days never played wotlk to know Ulduar. But, it's a fun raid, not my favorite but overall a good raid.
    Most people played during Wrath, not many newcomers have joined since Cataclysm, which is one of the reasons we've seen such a nosedive in subs since then.

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    I don't agree with on the level of Ulduar. The raid is much more linear, with less choices and it was clearly designed for LFR in mind. 4 sets of 3 bosses. I can't choose to skip Durumu, to kill Primordious, but in Ulduar I could skip Hodir to kill Thorim.

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    ToT doesn't hold a candle to Ulduar really. Let's break it down.

    14 vs 13 bosses
    Completely non linear. Apart from 3-4 chokepoints, everything else could be tackled in whatever order you liked, be it heroic or not.
    Heroic mode actually activating through (mostly) smart ingame actions.
    Multiple difficulty settings for Flame Leviathan (5), Iron Council (3), Freya (4) and ofc Yogg (5), giving appropriate challenge and loot.
    Strikingly beautiful environment. That's subjective ofc but really, awe-inspiring rooms. Titan theme helped there ofc.
    Yogg 0 remains to this day the most complex and devilishly perfectly tuned boss I have ever seen. Plus it was a ton of fun to play. Seriously challenging and entertaining. You could argue that Firelands Rag and LK were equally well tuned, but they were nowhere near as fun and rewarding to execute. Reserving judgement till I get to kill Lei Shen HC myself ofc, especially after Paragon and Method spoke so highly of the fight.
    Algalon was awesomesauce.

    Still, ToT is the most ambitious raid since Ulduar, so props for that, but isnt it time they do something that blows it out of the water? They should have both the resources and talent to really do so if they wanted. As it stands for now, ToT barely makes top 5 for me.

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    The trash is terrible in ToT. I know it's supposed to be new and unique, but trash has never been something I cared about, and it just slows the time it takes you to progress through the instance. Especially the wind bridges before Horridon, there is no fast way to do that (safely). I know it may be boring to some, but I really prefer the simple, bread and butter, high damage AoE them down fast trash.

    With that said, the raid itself is very beautiful, the bosses are great and have cool mechanics (Sans Horridon, eff that guy and his trash), and it certainly feels like I'm slowly creeping through a massive castle or something. My biggest gripe would be the linear style they chose, I would really prefer a "Pick your own path" style, at least for the early parts. People may have hated some of Firelands, but one of its strong points was the ability to pick the early bosses in whatever order fits you.

    I would say it compares at least, Ulduar isn't my favorite raid, although it was very good. I haven't finished ToT yet, but in this stage it's already in my top 5

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    If I was to rank the tiers I've raided since Vanilla I'd put them in the following categories.





    ToT stands up very well IMO. Great atmosphere, tight tuning, interesting mechanics, and accompanied by some solid content outside of the raid as well. As a heroic raider, the most fun I've had during progression since Ulduar.
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    Never played ulduar as current content so I can't vote? Anyway I think ToT is phenomenal. Granted, I have only seen 9 bosses myself, but bosses like council, tortos, ji-kun, durumu, primordius and dark animus are just so awesome. For me, ToT is the best raid ever.

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    Ulduar had less trash, that is pretty much the only reason I didn't say ToT is better.
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