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    116 27.36%
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    47 11.08%
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    Wow was fun on the side of ulduar. Wow beside tot is not.

    My personal favorite gotta be naxx40 and kara. Mainly because of the guild i was in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondlem View Post
    I didn't raid in Vanilla so I can't rank those tiers. I do think AQ40 and Naxx are great raid zones though and I'd have liked to do the bosses, but I don't think you can really judge a tier properly if you didn't do progression in it when it was relevant.
    Oh, I misinterpreted the "If I was to rank the tiers I've raided since Vanilla" line.

    I find it hard to judge them...At the time, they were awesome, but really MC is just a cave full of re-used mob models and snakes with 2,4,6 and 8 adds mostly. BWL felt even greater and Nef is one of my fondest memories, but I hated the weeks and weeks of wipes at Razorgore..a boss that is right there, no trash with possible lootupgrades. Followed by Vael who was not much better.

    So Classic to me has that rose-tinted glasses effect, but when I take them off, it remains the first raids in a new MMo and thus not that brilliant in hindsight. My guild could never clase the gear gap that was needed for AQ and Naxx, so we mucked around a bit and tried the first bosses in each wing (of Naxx)...for AQ the who revamped Silithus and drab caves, sand..whatnot didn't much appeal to me. In the end we did mostly AQ 20 which I quite enjoyed.

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    Those 2 poll choices "a little worse than Ulduar" and "a lot worse than Ulduar" makes it sound so negative, would have preferred "Ulduar was slightly better" and "Ulduar was a lot better"

    But I'm enjoying it a lot and would say Ulduar was slightly better, but its definitely up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthias9742 View Post
    Or to add to that:
    Horridon: Leaving certain door combinations open until the end of the fight
    Council: Kill Gara'jal's spirit before killing the bosses, killing him empowers all of the council
    Tortos: Kick a turtle into a wall that floods the room, eventually killing everyone
    Megaera: Kill 3 heads in a specific order and you fight 3 at once + 3 launching stuff
    Ji-Kun: Destroy all the eggs in the nest causing her to X2 style enrage

    Horridon: Can open doors early. Sort of Hodir style where you need to kill Horridon more quickly.

    Council: Something binding garajal's spirit is present and killing it starts the fight enraging the council and activating ALL of their empowered abilities at once.

    Tortos: I like this. Kick Tortos shell into the side of the wall and water starts spewing in and slowly floods the entire room. You get to pick where it starts from front left, front right, back left, back right.

    Megaera: Can't really think of a good one here.

    Ji-Kun: I think something involving flying and platforms would be great here. Having to have one person on each platform during a certain point. Maybe have a special "Chosen/Golden bird" spawn at each platform in the room at a point in the encounter. If all are killed the boss then enrages similar to Horridon.

    Durumu: Achievement could work here, and then make the orange, purple and green adds have special abilities and hurt.

    Primordius: Similar achievement thing. Don't ever morph.

    Dark animus: Deactivate everything?

    Iron Qon: I think some mechanic where the boss jumps off and you have to deal with the boss and quilen. Tanks having to swap between the two.

    Twins: Easily just swap the order in which you kill.

    Lei Shen: No conduits. Heal through AOE. Deal with mechanics. All conduits activate in p3.

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    Throne of Thunder is in my eyes definitely one of the best raid zones created. ToT and Ulduar are my personal favourites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondlem View Post
    If I was to rank the tiers I've raided since Vanilla I'd put them in the following categories.





    ToT stands up very well IMO. Great atmosphere, tight tuning, interesting mechanics, and accompanied by some solid content outside of the raid as well. As a heroic raider, the most fun I've had during progression since Ulduar.
    This is a pretty good classification, one I'd just about agree with(never did Sunwell or DS though).

    I am loving ToT so far. Only 5 bosses down, should have Ji Kun down Sunday, and the bosses are a lot of fun with unique and interesting mechanics. It compares quite favorably to Ulduar. I still have Ulduar as my #1 raid though, it just felt more epic and massive in scale and the fact that it was non-linear is a huge plus. But ToT is definitely an awesome raid. Kudos to Blizz on a job well done.

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    "comparable to Ulduar" got the most votes and I agree. ToT is a lot better than ICC and I think it's comparable to Ulduar but as a patch 5.2 blows Ulduar's patch out of the water. In overall boss fights I think ToT did it much better too. There were some uninspired boss fights in Ulduar. I also hate faceroll bosses like FL and Gunship. I love cool HM activation of Ulduar though.

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    There is too much trash all of it with some BS mechanic. Just let me get to the next boss in a few pulls.

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    i feel one of the reason people look so highly on ulduar is because it was the last "exclusive" raid, meaning only a certain amount saw in during real progression and most head about it in hearsay or did it in gear beyond the level. not saying it was a bad raid, but as a raider who has done both, i feel both had good and bad fights, the hydra thing is as stupid as razorscale, i find jin'rohk on par with council or hodir, but on a whole i think ToT is better than ulduar.

    one note on hardmode activation, half of them were just the same fight with some silly extra mechanic, and really most could be in today's system with out changing a single thing. hodir, thorim, would have just added wipe out enrage timers, mimiron was literally a button, I'll say fraya, FL, and yogg were different, BUT!!!!, it really sucked having to pick between progressing towards conquer of ulduar achieve, and hardmode

    at some point i hope the rose tinted glasses come off and people realiste that ulduar was just a good raid tier sandwiched between 2 bad raid tiers
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    Yeah Ulduar was a great zone but I think the "hard mode activation vs switch" difference is a bit overrated. Keep in mind that a number of fights in Ulduar had no hard mode at all, and some of the hard modes were pretty uninspired. Kill Hodir in 3 minutes was basically the same as killing Hodir, though more aggressive play added some new elements it really didn't feel like a whole new fight the way ToT heroics did and barely counts as a hard mode, for example.

    It was definitely a great zone though, I just don't care as much about whether we push the red button or click the ui.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthias9742 View Post
    You shouldn't have to clear heroic anything in a previous tier to be able to advance to the next normal mode raiding tier once you have the item level associated with the previous tier. That means that a 496 geared player should be able to advance in T15 without massive struggle or being in the top 1800 guilds, at least for the first few bosses. As is most guilds cant get past Horridon or Council and we will probably see further nerfs to them and other bosses in the next few weeks if the number of clears doesn't nearly double each week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blood fox View Post
    If you didn't clear at lest half of the heroic in tier 14 there's a good chance that you didn't clear it all in the first week. To be honest I find twin consorts and durumu and dark animus to be very very easy bosses on normal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blood fox View Post
    If you didn't clear at lest half of the heroic in tier 14 there's a good chance that you didn't clear it all in the first week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blood fox View Post
    the first week.
    horridon and council were both nerfed and I really doubt they will be nerfing it any further.

    Btw I was I level 500 when we full cleared ToT, completely plausible to clear it in 496

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    It's good, but I liked the HM boss style of ulduar more (activate during the fight).
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    i like the design from ToT , all the trash and many boss mechanics! all in all i really enjoy like i did it in Ulduar

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    My full list of the tiers starting from tier 4, which was the first tier I raided at the proper level. Single great boss encounters such as Lich King, Ragnaros and Kael'thas are in my opinions not enough to carry a whole tier, even if they will bump it up.

    T8 > T6 >= T11 > T15 > T14 > T10 = T4 > T5 = T12 > T9 >= T13 > T7

    I am admittedly slightly undecided about the whole middle section with T4, T5, and T10. T15 is also fresh and I have not completed 13/13 on heroic so it might still move up or down. It is further worth noting that I am no doubt viewing T8 through some rose-tinted glasses since before that I had been raiding somewhat casually, not to mention the massive contrast between T7 and T8 which undoubtedly makes T8 seem even better.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that the environmental and graphical design plays a big role on top of everything else.

    I also agree that a better wording for the topic would have been to simply ask how people compare ToT to Ulduar.

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    That poll is ridiculous, and an utter waste of time.
    Ulduar isn't everyone's favourite raid, and the fact you have two answers denoting as being worse than it, one being the same, and only one stating slightly better than shows a ridiculus amount of bias.

    Why the hell this thread even exists is beyond me, nothing more than one of those stupid "ulduar is teh best raid eva!" crappy threads.

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    Never did Ulduar, but so far I am not liking ToT much. Jin'Rohk and Megaera are pretty good, but Horridon, Council, Tortos and Ji'kun are all terrible bosses. They were/are no fun to progress on and I am already tired of farming Horridon, Council and Tortos after 2-3 kills. Horridon and Council are total cluster*****. I have no idea why I hate Tortos and Ji'kun, but I do. Unless it really picks up from here I can't really see this tier beeing even close to decent. I prefered T14 over this, and that's even counting the terrible bosses like Garalon, Amber-Shaper Unsok and the ridiculously overtuned Elegon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondlem View Post
    Putting BT and Hyjal on the same step is interesting. I wouldn't rank them on the same step, personally.
    IMHO, ICC should go up to "solid" and Hyjal back to "Mediocre". Just my opinion.

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    It has better boss fights than Ulduar, that's for sure. Still has it crap fights as well, but Ulduar only had 2-3 good fights and some of the worst ever.

    I don't like being forced into a set route, I don't like the one direction corridors Blizz almost always go for, let us get lost in instances again and laugh at people who get lost after it's been out for ages.

    It looks better than Ulduar and overall is better, but Ulduar is overrated imo, sure it was good, there are just lots which are better.

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    I liked Ulduar a little better but I think it's because I like the visuals of the zone better. Ulduar seemed to have better aesthetic flow. The different wings of ToT feel a little disjointed and lack a unifying visual theme. They all look great don't get me wrong but I just think Ulduar's appearance flowed better from wing to wing. Even though the watcher rooms all looked very different, they still were all connected to the central room which linked them to the look of the raid overall, that mystical titan architecture. As for the bosses in ToT, I'd say they're pretty comparable. All very enjoyable with an appropriate difficulty curve, at least on normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
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    I am so triggered right now.

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