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    [A] VoxxiS @ Outland 10m Recruitmemt!

    Who we are:

    VoxxiS is a guild formed between a few friends focusing on 10 man raid progression through both normal and heroic. The guild is lead by seasoned World of Warcraft veterans, Nareen and Tiiak. Both have been playing since early Vanilla and conquered almost all content throughout the ages, although only met each other after they had both taken a break during Cataclysm. Now back, and ready for more, both have united on Outland and brought a few others from outside World of Warcraft to share the experience.

    What are are looking for:

    We are now looking for more players to build the core raiding team who will become the backbone of our community. We will be focusing mainly on 10 man raids and 10 man heroic.

    CHECK OUR WEBSITE TO SEE WHICH CLASSES WE ARE RECRUITING (voxxis.guildportal.com). If your class is “Low” or “None” please still apply as we will consider all exceptional candidates.

    We are a casual/semi-hardcore guild looking for fast progression with like minded WoW players. We are also aiming to create a community that everyone enjoys raiding in. We have extensive raiding past experience and are looking to make the most of it in this expansion, all the while remaining very social. VoxxiS is aiming to make this game fun to play, not a chore to play, the goal is to make upcoming raids exciting, not draining.

    Of course, the aspiration is to top the guild progression on this realm, without all of the hardcore five nights a week nonsense (we're university students, we need breaks too!). Perhaps you reading this can help us, and become a part of a great achievement.

    Our raid times:

    We will raid 3 days a week focusing on quality not quantity pushing for the max progression in a calm and friendly way.

    Ingame Times:

    20:00 till 00:00 Raid times are not finalised yet.

    Our raid days arent set in stone yet we will evaluate that when we have gathered some more of the core raiders so as to accommodate the needs of our community best.

    What can you do for us?

    We are aiming to recruit players that have the same ideals as us. You can help VoxxiS fulfil its goals all the while being rewarded with unique gameplay that Blizzard designed for us. We want those who enjoy raiding, enjoy socialising and enjoy playing the game. Enthusiastic players who are ready to help fits our quota, those who are drama queens or just turn up for loot, are not.

    What can we do for you?

    We are here to offer a raiding guild that is serious about progressing through content and at the same time serious about fun. We're all humans at the end of the day, and we want the best for everyone. Through us you can hope to make new friends, and take on a new viewpoint on the game. At the same time, you can share the experience and revel in the glory of victory we are aspiring to achieve. Being university students, our studies appreciates times to be worked on, so to clear raids, have a laugh whilst doing so and having priority for real life is what we want and what we want to give you.

    If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of head on over to our forums and make an application.


    You are welcome to read more and apply at voxxis.guildportal.com

    Please contact Nareen or Tiiak in game if you have any questions after reading our website.

    Nareen & Tiiak

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    Had quite a lot of interest so far keep it coming

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    Looking for Tanks (Anything but Druid), Melee DPS, 1 Ranged DPS and Healers.

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    UPDATE: Looking for HEALERS AND MIXED DPS! head over to voxxis.guildportal.com for more info or message me ingame!

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    UPDATE #2 Looking for Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, MW Monk and Disc Priest! to complete our raiding roster!!

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