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    Feint - When to use??


    Im a noob pvp rogue (just started playing after a 2year break from wow) , and ive seen most of the sub spec rogues out there have the talent "Elusiveness" talent in their spec.. Im currently having this in my spec aswell atm when doing bg & arena , but I feel that I dont use it as much as I should/or the way it should be used..

    Should i use vanish instead of popping Feint and taking the dmg ? Or should I use Feint it together with evasion and/or combat readiness" , or just Feint?? ...Or should I use it when all of my other defencive spells are on cooldown? Or use it whenever im taking ranged dmg from a caster/hunter and wants to save my shadowdance/vanish/cloak of shadow for nuking?

    Regards a Rogue

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    Vanish is there, for sub, to provide you with the find weakness buff. So consider it more offensive then defensive, but it can be there for that purpose. Feint should be popped when you are getting nuked, i.e. they've popped their trinkets and cd's, you should also have evasion for these circumstances.

    Whilst it may seem tempting to use evasion, combat readiness and feint. The enemy probably aren't stupid and will just ignore you if they cant damage you.

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    Q:When to use Feint?
    A: Basically, all the time.

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    30% dmg reduction is good everytime you're focused - so a lot of the times it's good to have the buff up.
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    Flag/Orb-carrying, or any time you're being tunneled, 100% up-time.

    If you're being ignored, don't bother; 20 energy better used for burst.

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    Remember to use the glyph for those extra 2 seconds per use.

    Edit: And I believe it doesn't break stealth, so you can open with it already activated.

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    Nope. doesn't break stealth.

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    Depends on the situation, but many times even when you are with a healer you are better off feinting with normal dots on etc aswell not just during immense pressure.

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    Am I the only one that find it very clunky to use?
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    I don't see how it's clunky.

    Press button, mitigate damage. It's not any more awkward than evasion, combat readiness, smoke bomb, cloak of shadows, deterrence, ice block, divine shield, divine protection, shamanistic rage, etc.

    A clunky defensive is shield wall: equip shield, THEN cast shield wall.

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    Typically you want to keep this up when you are being focused. Also try to predict incoming stuns (e.g.: Deep Freeze, Shockwave, Kidney) and refresh right before they land so you have it up for the full duration of the stun.

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    Whenever you're getting trained use feint. If you thin feint will keep you alive then don't use readiness/evasion/vanish. If you feel like you're going to die with feint up, use another defensive cd. Also some more advanced techniques, if you can predict stuff like a deep freeze or shadow dance on you (basically anything where you'll be vulnerable, you can feint and have the reduced damage for that duration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahdehl View Post
    Q:When to use Feint?
    A: Basically, all the time.
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    If you think you need to feint, do it. There's no real science behind it, I use it as a reactionary thing whenever I see a boss casting something because 9 times out of 10 feint will work on it. And w/ the 30% reduced damage buff just use it whenever someone looks at you, its 7 seconds of reduced damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtron View Post
    Am I the only one that find it very clunky to use?
    I hope so. It's stupendously simple and intuitive.

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