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    HAHAHAHAHA the dragonhawk looks so pathetic. Gratz guys on 200!

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    200 mount achieve is cool I suppose, but not 200 mount achieve cool

    inb4 the faerie dragon (which is awesome) is blizz store

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    reading the name of that titan screenshot seems like a huge spoiler for ra-den lore, I dont know though i hardly pay attention to storyline.

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    lol defensive stance back to 25%... warriors managed to be balanced for a month.. IT IS TOO MUCH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oratory View Post
    I wonder what this could be!
    I think it's the proving grounds. I.e. there is probably a different proving ground for each spec... possibly some classes have it the same.

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    Mogu Titan - now! It looks just like Raden, but it has the skin of a Mogu (as well as 'tooltip' stating mogu) wonder if this is some sort of abominition that the Mogu managed to work out after having tortured Raden for so long? Hmm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oratory View Post
    I wonder what this could be!
    Celestial Challenge is part of the Wrathion quest line.

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    Not too shabby looking Dragonhawks and awesome horse. And looking forward to Wrathion's celestial challenges, was expecting the questline to have a fifth part, felt it was wierd to end it between two raid tiers.

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    For once I am not too bothered about the mount reward, Horde always get the colours I like, but this time both don't really grab me, so no big deal! I actually prefer the unarmoured models

    Oh and the horses tail looks weird, does it look strange to anyone else? Kinda like a sausage bound in iron strapping?

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    @dragonhawks for 200 mounts They're a step up from the kites at 150, but still not something I would want to show off. Blizzard needs to realize that by the time you have 200 mounts, you have a lot of shit that's way cooler than this.

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    Haha, oh wow. So many people excited for Tri-spec just to be let down. For shame.

    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    I'm really digging the Alliance Armored Dragonhawk, that shade of blue and gold go really well together imo.

    ...However, since I'm Horde, I guess I'll be sticking to my Corrupted Fire Hawk and Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Hope that Mushan is a reward for beating all the Rank 8 bosses. That would be a fun mount to get.
    Likely not since it goes to rank 10 now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    HAHAHAHAHA the dragonhawk looks so pathetic. Gratz guys on 200!
    Do you ever not complain?

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    Can we see the other side of the dragonhawks?

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    how many dragonhawks are u gonna throw at us? jesus christ give us something new to look at...

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    Tri spec better not just be an experiment. I mean why would you even have to experiment with slightly adjusting something thats been in the game for years? Its almost like they heard people wanted it, then made it work only to tell ppl "J/K we just wanted to see what people would say."

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    Bloody Dancing Steel? is that a Dancing Steel with Berserking enchant effect? if so... I NEED THAT. NOW.

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    About the "Mogu Titan" - don't forget the lore available on Isle of thunder : Before Lei Shen and any other emperor, the Mogu were obeying to someone called "the Master". At that time, Mogu were not flesh but stone, just like the statues they animate. Apparently at some point The Master went reallyyyyyyyyy quiet, and the Mogu succombed to the Curse of Flesh, just like dwarves and gnomes. But instead of being a slow process like for dwarves and Gnomes, it happened suddenly, and it leaded to huges inter-Mogu wars between clans, because no one knew how to deal with this.

    Lei Shen seem to have gone at the Nalak'sha Engine (and then became the First Emperor of the Mogu) at that time. This is also why they aren't any female Mogu, apart from the 2 creatons Lei Shen gave to himself. There's no need for them since the Mogu were created from scratch.

    All this to say that, obviously, "The Master" must be a Titan and the Mogu his creations, thus explaining why the Mogu have so many Titan intel in the Throne of Thunder, why they were able to harness the power of the Nalak'sha Engine in the first place and why Lei Shen managed to capture Ra-Den. So actually the "MoguTitan" pic make alot of sense, maybe it's the Titan who modeled the Mogu after his image, or maybe it's a Ra-Den like guardian put in place.

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    If those cloaks remain upgradable, so long having any need for a new cloak until into the next expansion.

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