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    ugh... I usually wouldn't leave a negative comment like this but that Dragonhawk is just lazy...

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    Hope that Warrior defensive stance change doesn't get changed back again.

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    Not a fan of the Dragonhawk for the Horde. It's much to devoid of color. This looks like something The Banshee Queen would ride, if she wished an elvish-like mount. Bring me some red paint, maybe some silvers too, and we'll see what I can make of it.

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    I hope tri-spec isn't an experiment, that would make 5.3 much less exciting.

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    That horse is badass, I want!

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    I think the horde dragonhawk looks better than the 100 mount version. I preferred the Alliance version of the 100 mount reward. But now I think the horde version of the 200 mount reward is pretty cool. To bad thought its not a armored version of the sunreaver dragonhawk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyana View Post
    That horse is badass, I want!
    I agree, though I don't really care for its tail being in a cage like that... makes it seem kinda klunky.
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    Mwaha need that haste mastery crit ilvl600 cloak. *drool*

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    I hope that 516 loot is easy to get for alts, Full sets except trinkets! Heroics and lfr have become tedious and don't get much chance for alt t14 runs raiding 5 nights a week.

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    And here I had such high hopes for the dragonhawk only to have my dreams crushed once again.... it sucks being alliance and having your favorite color be red. If feels like I'm not allowed. ;-;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Every Pwny View Post
    I hope tri-spec isn't an experiment, that would make 5.3 much less exciting.
    Same here. It's what I'm hoping is in the patch the most, and I haven't seen anything else yet that excites me. :/

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    the horse mount kind of looks like ghastly charger with armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Ya know I think it just might be..

    though the icons has this listed (inv_misc_steel_hitching_post).
    So it might be like the TCG loot item Hitching Post for that mount.

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    10% to battle stance only? what about berserker stance, people focus me ALL the time.

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    lol blizz is already backing out of tri spec.............

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    wtf...both 150mounts and 200mounts are freaking lame mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunteromg View Post
    wtf...both 150mounts and 200mounts are freaking lame mounts
    Funny thing is, I almost bet that if mount collecting was something only the 1% of raiders or arena did, the 150 and 200 mark might have actually been something amazing. Can't give the average player anything nice can they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Every Pwny View Post
    I hope tri-spec isn't an experiment, that would make 5.3 much less exciting.
    With the talent changes in MoP the impact of tri-spec for at least myself is far smaller than it would be now. At one point it is so little of a difference that it would not mater ether way and in another it does not really mater that why not implement it. Before I could of had various specs for one type of spec like resto depending on a fight or PVE vs PVP. Now mostly it comes down to convenience which is mostly covered already by an add-on for buttons and a quick swap of talents that takes almost not time at all. The duel-spec system might have not come out to begin with if we had this current talent system in place before hand.

    Personally I just do not see what the big fuss is over the need for a tri-spec system and at which point why not a quad spec system for druids. Maybe it is being an old timer that sees things like respecing to be such a trivial and non-humbug task. Thank again CC is something that is trivial to myself and yet it seems to be such a big pain for the new aged gamers that cant handle pushing an extra button and socializing with other people in an MMO.

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    Hint on a new multi-passenger mount? Hopefully similar to the ones of the worgen and if so access to ones bank would top it off.

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