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    Lei Shen 10M NHC Static Shock Bug?

    So we have been trying to kill Lei Shen 10m nhc today but we encountered the problem that static shock does significantly more damage than it should when were split (transition phase). So first thing we did was google and we found this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8198642667 .
    The Bluepost states that it's working as intended but it clearly doesn't:

    i received 390k and dealt 724k split to two other players, which equals a littte bit over 1.1 MILLION instead of 400k. The Journal says it's 400k + more damage for every "charge" the lightning conductor has. It goes up to 100 Charges which would logically result in 100% max -> 2 * 400K, which is still significantly less than 1.1 million. Did we just miss something or is it actually a bug?

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    i believe during the transition he levels them all up, and keep the charge, so if you have it 75 charge its 400k base + 400k a level up +(75charge*400k)which is 300k = 1.1 million.

    in 25man we get our static shock doing over 3 million so yes its working as intended.

    also i see 191k hp then 153k overkill, you cannot be on 191k hp before static shock...not without some insane cooldowns up.

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    100 is only a sub-division of his conduits. Each conduit goes from 0 -> 300 energy (if you stay at a conduit long enough it goes to 100, then back down to 0, etc. until you reach 300 total). During the transition periods, Lei Shen also just temporarily boosts each conduit by 100 as well. So if you left static shock around 80 energy, during the transition, you'd be taking 400 * (180%) ~= 1.1 mil damage.

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    Oh ok that makes sense. I thought he would "overload" it after the phase is over... Thanks for your help!

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    Search function is your friend:

    Thread: Question about LeiShen's ability: Static Shock
    Thread: lei shen 10 man bugged?

    - Static Shock does 4k * Energy damage
    - A full level counts as 100 energy
    - They all start at level 1 (making 100 Energy baseline)

    Your Static Shock Tower is Level 2 on 92 Energy for a total of 292 Energy. 4k * 292 = 1.168.000 damage split among the people in the circle.

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