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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeion View Post
    I want an mmo where my lvl doesn't scale down when i go to different places ! its an mmorpg,
    I want to feel stronger as i lvl and get better gear ! rawr
    Uh... Alright..?

    I really don't comprehend these level down complaints. If you have the gear, you're still decimating monsters in lower level zones regardless of the downgraded digits.

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    I'm not. It became apparent at about level 25 that levelling was going to consist of repeatedly completing the same events disguised with different quest text in different parts of the map. Hoping things would liven up at endgame I persevered, and found that it didn't. PvE is a lot of badly telegraphed one shot mechanics, bundled up with boring trash. PvP is either ''Zerg their zerg, quick before the other zerg zergs us'' or small scale BGs. I didn't mind the S-PvP so much, bu didn't like it enough to keep playing.

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    A guild is a must for me in a MMO. I could farm all day and the company of a guild would still make it fun.

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    I don't play GW2, but I ask myself the same question about WoW every day. I'm in no way addicted to it, I used to be back when I started (I think everyone was for a little bit at least...) but now I just play it because... I don't know. I'm so bored, it was so much more fun whenever everything was new to me and I didn't care about the competitiveness of it; now i'm just here because I don't get out enough or something, lol.

    I was really off-topic there, what I said wasn't even relevant but oh well :3

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    I still play occasionally, but i feel like I miss something in this game... like some sort of character progression. Also this game is not very friendly at telling you what to do when you reach max level, so you can just end up doing the same stuff as 1-80. I'm also very disappointed with gear in GW2, i don't feel my character looks much different form when i was lvl 1.

    Some coordinated WvW can still be fun.

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    well i just started the game last week actually, but i really really really want the twilight legendary. with how much time i have it will probably take me sixish months so thats why ill still be playing

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    I've still got items to get and goals to achieve, and I'm still having a lot of fun on my guardian. I only get about 3-5 hours a night to play and I quit for a few months, so my playtime has been kinda limited, but I think I'm nearing 1k hours of played time.

    When I came back after my long break I found a big guild that I actually people. The people are all cool, dungeons are being ran constantly, and we do at least 1 type of the new guild missions every night practically. It's definitely made a big difference finding a good guild.

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    Because I'm one of those crazy people who think it's fun...
    When in doubt, mumble...

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    pfft as if you care..
    got one char to 80 and about 86% world completion did the x-mas event and the karka event and tried to make new characters many many times but i just get bored and giveup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manekk View Post
    Because I'm one of those crazy people who think it's fun...
    This right here. No other justification needed.

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    I'm actually kind of surprised that I am enjoying end game without the raids. The way it's set up, you still get SOME of the feel of taking down a raid boss but, it's missing the chance to fail on the bigger world bosses which, I feel, takes away that "high" you get when your team pulls together and takes down a boss for the first time. The camaraderie you get from a raid is gone. But so is the competition. Because everyone gets loot you never feel like you have nothing to show for your efforts. And there is no fighting over the loot, so in those respects it takes a lot of the pressure off.

    The other nice thing is that when real life steps in, you can leave the game and not feel like everyone will leave you behind. This gives the end game a relaxed feel to me. I can take a week and just do jumping puzzles and dailies and I'm not missing out on anything, instead I am building up my character. I'm the type to love exploring a zone and just roam around finding little hidden areas that do nothing but are fun to find. I love the challenge of getting achievements as well, and I am an Alt person. I like to try out all of the professions so I can understand what they are capable of. That alone can give you months of extra game play, if not years.

    Where the lack of camaraderie exists in the World Bosses, it is still there in the Dungeon Bosses. Last night we four maned HotW and that last guy and his pet "killed us naked" but, it was a blast and when we finally won it was a great feeling and I feel like we learned a lot as a group and became closer for it. Which brings me back to gear and loot. No jealousy (or feeling like you can't compete with "that guy") because of gear/weapon stats, no passing on a sword because your tank needs it "for the guild" and none of the drama that a /roll can cause. In some ways it makes the game better than traditional MMO's for me and my play style.

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    I still have a lot of fun with a long to-do list (played since beta). I take week breaks every now and then, but I always come back. I especially enjoy the new guild missions. I consider myself casual, and just obtained my asuran t3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    I wish I could play. If they had managed to pull spvp off I would never leave. However, they havent managed to pull it off yet and it's sad. I want to play this game, but I dont want to spend my limited gametime on something that's broken.
    Do you find problems with mechanics or profession balancing? Yes, I admit, with the balancing there are some problems now, I see they keep working on them but they still haven't got it right, hopefully they will eventually. As for mechanics, not sure what to say, I'm kind of conflicted about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolsteak View Post
    WvW, it's like old school AV in WoW only better.

    Yesterday my server was surrounded in the middle room of Stonemist, with enemies attacking from all sides (plus the ramps leading upstairs) and we managed to slowly fight them back.
    This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Content like this can't be created by a developer, it's player driven.

    Right now on my server there's a massive party at the portals, everyone waiting for the weekly reset.
    Valar morghulis

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    I play with my brother and I am working on a legendary. Almost have enough money for the pre-cursor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gainesvilleg View Post
    I'm creating this not to flame, it is a question for those who have played from the start to explain what makes GW2 have longevity. I personally got bored fast, but am curious to understand the mindset of the fans. What is the catch for you? What specifically keeps you playing? Only positive comments requested! And only from those who have played since launch...
    Though I don't fully fit who your asking, I do for the most part... I dabble in the game here and there, but I do not treat it like you would treat most MMOs, what keeps me coming back to play it is the fact that I do not over play it... playing more then an hour here or a few hours there it does become less and less enjoyable if playing by yourself, but there in lies the answer to why many if not most people play MMOs, to play with their friends and enjoy experiences with others, most MMOs are fairly "meh" game play wise if you play it without friends, its the social interaction that is the appeal of MMOs to many people.

    But as for me, the reason I find myself coming back to play it every so often is because I can hop in play for 10-15 minutes complete a DE or two and feel like "ok I completed something, thats good for a week or two", when I don't have the time to boot up any of my games where playing for less then 45 minutes feels like you get nothing done. If I want play Deus Ex, Persona 4, Ni No Kuni, Hitman, Mount and Blade, Witcher, etc, if I don't have atleast 45 minutes to play then I don't bother since its not worth playing for such a short time, and I rarely have that type of time to play besides on my days off, so games like GW2 are a good choose when I want to play something but don't have the time to play something in depth. (And though this may sound like a backhanded complement, its not, I do actually find that being able to play in short spurts a plus for the game)

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    I play both games, but the only real thing that keep me in WoW is my guild/friends.
    GW2 is really an updated version of WoW: more fun and less frustrating.

    I just can't stand how WoW as become an instanced dungeon/raid crawler game. Even with Blizzard trying there best to have people doing dailies outside in Pandaria, 80% of the world is still empty. Why go to the Outland ? Or non end-game of Azeroth ? The World is just empty.
    In GW2, i log, choose ANY zone i like, and just go there exploring, doing events etc. and in all those zones i meet people.

    You know my favorite feeling in GW2 ?
    It's seeing a resource to gather (veins/herbs/tree), rushing to it, seeing another player doing the same, thinking "geez, he's gonna grab it instead of me" and then "oh... wait, that's right: we're both gonna took it, cool". Ok, that's just a little thing. but in WoW all those things add up and frustrate me. And that's why imho people are playing less and less together and more and more alone (pet battle anyone?). in GW2, you are *rewarded* each time another player is around, and that's alone is a wonderful feeling every MMORPG should aim for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockeyhacker View Post
    But as for me, the reason I find myself coming back to play it every so often is because I can hop in play for 10-15 minutes complete a DE or two and feel like "ok I completed something, thats good for a week or two", when I don't have the time to boot up any of my games where playing for less then 45 minutes feels like you get nothing done.
    Indeed that's something GW2 is really great at.
    In fact, if you think of it: WoW got thousand of quests, sometimes very fun and original, but because of the way it was created 8 years ago, you rush through them as fast as possible, and then at level 90 you just do same dailies/dungeon/raid over and over.
    While GW2 have dynamic events: so you can just log, and doing any of them.

    It's kinda like if in WoW, all quests were at your level, were optional dailies, and still give interesting rewards. So one day you could go to Zangamarsh doing some and next day, go to Grizzly Hills or wathever doing something else. Oh and of course DE from GW2 are changing, so you're never sure of what will happen !

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    At the moment, a lot of WvW, Arah, the daily, big boss events, Guild missions etc, leveling alts, and doing stuff with friends.

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    I'm still playing because i really like the game.I have played 1603 hours and i still have fun.
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