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    Faster leveling tips?

    I recently started playing again. I have an 80 shaman who I want to burst to 90 asap, I really want to play endgame, but the fact that I have to go through 10 levels makes me not want to play at all. I know that questing is the fastest way to level so I figured i'd just zone out and grind quests, but does anyone have any personal tips or advice on how to speed up the process or how to make it more enjoyable? And yes this is my highest level character

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    I leveled mining whilst leveling from 85-90, gives a bit of bonus EXP (i had maxed mining at 85 and jumped into ghost iron ore), but then again i have no idea about your professions

    I'd say just grind quests and do some dungeons to break up the monotonous grind that 80-90, that's what i've done for my 3 characters so far

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    Especially the first time, you should try to see (read) the quests. Don't just do the assignment, but try to read and understand the story behind the quest assignments. It adds so much more detail and fun to the levelling experience imho.
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    I would advise trying to buy some MOP level 80 blues. There are several that you can buy that are better than level 85 epics. As a matter of fact here is the link to my Shaman who has 4 that are available. Helm, Belt and 2 weapons. It will make you a monster. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lversun/simple BTW what spec are You running, maybe I can help you find the items you should look for.

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    Heres the level 409 BOE MOP weapons that You might wanna look at. http://www.wowhead.com/items=2?filte...=80%3Bmaxrl=80 Just check AH often and some can be really expensive.

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    Im sticking with Elemental since I have never tried enhancement. Also I feel like elemental is really powerful

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    Best bet is to start in Hyjal. Do all the quests there. Will get you to 83 and you can do it in a few hours. Then head for Deepholm til 84. At 84 Head to Twilight highlands. Takes another 90 mins. At 85, the slowdown begins. you go from a level every 90 minutes to a level every 2-3 hours (depending on your level of distraction) You should make it from 80-90 in 17 hours of play time. Do a dungeon or two in between for the quests and some extra XP, but questing is much faster than dungeon grinding, especially if you are not a tank or a healer.

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    leveling as elemental 85-90 with questing i did the most damage on mobs out of all my classes, and i've leveled most of them to 90. Ele is really good for questing.

    Using rested xp decreases time played by a lot, but increases real time days to get to 90. I've always opted to go full rested 85-90 except my first character i got to 90......never again. I leveled with questing mostly in this bracket, only diong dungeons when friends asked me to do them with them.

    80-85 feels really fast now after the nerf. Doing grim batol with rested at 84 gives a lot of xp, i mean my xp bar is flying doing that. 80-84 i quest hyjal 81-82, deepholm to 83, uldum to 84. You could do the dungeons one time each to do the quests there as they givea lot of xp.

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