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    [A] The Garrison on Aggramar-EU looking for mature warlock

    The Garrison is a guild with a long tradition. Originally created on Dunemaul-EU over seven years ago as part of The Older Gamers Group, The Garrison has remained a bastion for older and more mature gamers who want to play with likeminded people. We’ve maintained a unique brand of humour and understanding for people who have kids, jobs and other responsibilities, but still want to enjoy all that Warcraft has to offer.

    Edit: as of now (29th of October) one of our raiding teams - Team Grumpy - is looking for a mature experienced Warlock to join our team roster. More information in currently last post in this thread.

    The Garrison moved to Aggramar-EU in Summer 2012, looking for a more vibrant server in which to thrive. We chose Aggramar in no small part due to the community we already found during our scouting and decided it was one we wanted to contribute to. Since then, we've maintained a guild of close to 500 characters on Aggramar, but we are always looking for players who fit into The Garrison mould.

    What we can offer you?
    • All kinds of gaming experience depending on your play style - We have raiding teams, pvp oriented players, old achievement runs and a lot of fun but mature social players.
    • Stability - The Garrison was founded 7 years ago and is going strong to this day with core team of members unchanged for years and very high retention rate. We frequently have old players from Molten Core coming back to play alongside new members who joined during Mists.
    • Proper focus on priorities - Our guild consists of mature players often with jobs, families and life outside of the game. This means we understand that real life comes first, regardless of what’s been scheduled in game.

    What we expect from you?
    • Maturity - Above all else, members join to play with people like them. We are a mature guild and would expect everyone to behave as such.
    • Respect – We see a sign of maturity as respect for those in and out of the guild. This could mean dedication to playing your class to the best of your possibilities or saying “thanks” after a successful 5 man.
    • Assistance – A guild only works if everyone pulls together, so helping out other members at quests, gearing, advice and other matters is important. Remember that you get out what you put in!

    Raiding Teams and Times
    The Garrison has currently three 10man raiding teams: Fluffy, Grumpy and Don’s Johnsons. These teams run on a variety of days and level to suit most members. See the forums for an update of progression and recruitment needs. We also have runs to old content for achievements and transmog.

    Thank you for considering The Garrison and if you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our officers: Cauth, Flipperr, Darkins, Donqualine, Sashumi, Rudrig or send me a PM here on this forum.
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    do u recruit warlocks?

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    here in The Garrison we don't look at class, gender or race (yes, even gnomes are welcome) - if you fit the description in the first post and are equally mature and certifiably insane I'd strongly suggest filling in the application form

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    and a bump because we still are looking for exceptional players

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    Still looking for more people.
    Our raiding teams have open position for various classes (wtb boomkin and monk)

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    To the top and beyond - looking for exceptional people

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    pre-weekend bump - still looking for exceptional players

    (still wtb a boomkin and a monk for one of our raiding teams)

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    clearly this needs another bump

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    mid week bump!
    still looking for mature players of both social pvping and raiding variety.

    (also if you are a boomkin or frost dk you are my best friend for life)

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    and here we go with weekend bump - to the top

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    Friday night bump
    Still looking for awesome players to fill in our raiding teams' rosters

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    Hi I am just getting into raiding and looking for a PVE guild to casually get into more PVE content. Should I just head over to your website?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    People making logs from LFR and linking their % reminds me of the quote: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bhoy View Post
    Hi I am just getting into raiding and looking for a PVE guild to casually get into more PVE content. Should I just head over to your website?
    most definitely yes! head over there and our front page has all the info you need

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