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    ZA/ZG transmog gear

    when 5.2 came out i remember reading a blue post that there were going to lets get some ZA/ZG transmog items my question has anybody come across this or know where to get them would this be a leather worker job?

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    Don't know how helpfull this will be but alot of the greens that drop on Isle of Thunder have a distinct Troll-esque design.
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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    I just scoped out, wowhead transmog sets tab: just click on which armor type you are interested from the Amani sets shown and it shows all the new level 429 armor that drops in MoP listed under "shares appearance"
    Then hit AH or farm the new zone. I myself have enchanting but pause to look at the piece first. Have found plate head,shoulders,and chest just randomly doing dailies for Sunreavers.

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    They drop from all the new zones of 5.2 randomly off mobs.

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    I'm pretty sure the greens that drop on the Isle of Thunder is it, nothing crafted, there's probably a list of all the weapons/armor and stuff on wowhead.

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    They're random drops from all the new 5.2 zones. I'm wearing the 3 parts that came out for 1 of the cloth sets, and sold a few parts I came across as well.

    Gotta love Wowdb and it's filtering options. This should be the complete list of them, OP: http://www.wowdb.com/items?filter-pa...r-ilvl-max=429

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