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    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Path View Post
    When did the OP say (or imply) "it's bad and my opinion is all that matters" ? NOWHERE.
    Really? How should I interpret this then?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ontur View Post
    when you walked through the Dark Portal that you would get a message saying, "Click yes if you would like to go straight to level 70".

    Every time I level an alt (which is not much btw) I just dread Outland.
    There's only one way I can understand it - "outland is bad, I don't like it"

    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Path View Post
    The OP was merely asking if anyone agreed with the sentiments expressed in the OP.
    So just because my opinion is different than OP I have no rights to reply, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Divine Path View Post
    Get. Over. Yourself.
    You get over yourself :P
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    How about a button at end game cata asking for a boost to 85? Outland is boring but ok, compared to the torture of cata 80-85 leveling.

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    You guys must not play on a pvp server.

    Try Hellfire on a pvp server. CRZ madness.

    At any given peak time, there are more people in Hellfire than in some cities, just to gank lowbies. I've seen level 90 Alliance and Horde stay in the zone for hours killing level 60s and townspeople.

    To each their own I guess.

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    i love every zone in Outland for leveling except Blade's Edge, and quite a majority of shadowmoon.
    they are all pretty much my favorite leveling zones (or zones in general) in the game, my #1 favorite being vashj'ir. weird, aren't I?
    vashj'ir's m #1 favorit eleveling zone, and favorite zone in general, where as the rest of Cata and ALL of WotLK makes me want to puke.

    the only reason I have alts beyond the outland level is due to RaF and dungeon run throughs. yup.

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    I enjoy leveling through Outland but sadly those days are gone now since CRZ was introduced and those 90s just roaming the areas looking for cheap kills.

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    Outlands is fine. I really like the Outland areas and dungeons. It's Northrend onwards I really don't like. It's probably because I have just done them far too many times. Thankfully all 10 of my characters are 85+, so I won't have to do those zone again (at least until the next race / class is released).

    Now if only I could get motivated to level in Pandaria... I truly cannot stomach another run thought those zones.
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    What i really love about Outland is Nagrand, damn what a beautiful place. In my opinion 1-80 is way better than 80-90

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    Outlands is ok, I'm usually done by Nagrand if that. Its Northrend where my alts seem to always get stuck.
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    Please shut up about that CRZ shit. There was mayhem on Hellfire long before CRZ. Why? Because it's the first zone and there are many low levels that a dickless max level can kill. Actually I remember a retard killing me in Area 52 before CRZ. When I was logging a max level he was running and laughing like a real PvP hero. Right, it's CRZ, not the idiots that have always been there...

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    As much as I enjoy the beauty of Nagrand, I dislike the grind immensely once I hit there. I can honestly get from 58-64 in only Hellfire and doing dungeons which takes the better part of about 4hrs or so. Once I hit Nagrand, those next four levels freaking hurt and feel like they take forever. I'd like to see it go by a little faster tbh.

    Ever since the revamp to the 70-80 XP needed, Northend has been my favorite continent to level in; although WotLK was always my favorite expansion so that may be slightly biased anyway. :x

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    They should lower the level of quests and mobs in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley, nobody really goes there anymore unless they're finishing achievements, and by doing this they'd give people the ability to start in more places. Nowadays it doesn't take more then 2 full zones and a half to get to level 68 anyway and going to Northrend.

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    Each continent/zone for me has its good sides and its bad sides for me. As an example, in WotLK yes I did get bored in some areas while lvling my alts but some others such as zul'drak I totally enjoyed it (mybe cuz I like the troll theme afterall) but some places such as borean tundra or howling fjord... those were really the worst for me. Same for outland, I liked HP,Nagrand,some of terrokar but hated zangarmarsh or w/e you spell even to this day I get confused how to get into ssc while raiding it. What I totally hate is cata zones after doing it the 5th+ time on an alt... It gets soo boring even uldum which is my favorite area I get stuck on it.

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    I really enjoy Outland and I'm hoping the rumors are true about the next expansion returning there for the return of the Burning Legion.

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    I don't mind leveling through TBC content much at all, but given the option I would take an instant 70 nearly every time.

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    My main issue through Cata was having any sort of crafting profession like blacksmithing or alchemy where resources were stretched thin, even though the continent was pretty much empty. Then CRZ came along and made it even more difficult, hence why most of my alts are just skin/herb or herb/mine or mine/skin. Engineering and Inscription will just have to wait for my next bored with everything phase.

    Leveling is ridiculously fast as well, it got to the point where I wouldn't even queue for dungeons, bg's, or even quest. I'd just fly around picking flowers, killing beasts, and finding mining nodes (damn adamantium and khorium) which made it even more annoying when I was still 20 points away from goldclover or cobalt and I would already be 70.

    As for the actual questing and leveling when I first did it on my main back in the early days of wrath (I'm a wrath baby)? I found it meh above all else. Sure once you got the attunement quest chains it was kinda interesting, but the overall theme of BC felt incredibly blah to me. Even more so than Cata.
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    Outland? No.

    Northrend? Yes. Ugh.
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    Outland is cool, also it takes 9 hours or less to go through those lvls with heirloom, so it's really fast.

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    I feel like quite a bit of people don't like it because they didn't experience it when it was fresh and lore was related to the place. I loved outlands... seeing hellfire for the first time... it was mind blowing, then traveling to the marsh pits, massive mushrooms and swamps... then terrok forrest full of blue/gree trees... new unique creatures... then what I believe to be the best, nagrand... I spent soo much time there... i would just fly around and soak in the surroundings... it was so peaceful.

    That's the only logical reason why someone wouldn't like leveling in the outlands... if you didn't experience it in its prime, there's no special memories that made that place unique to you... so therefore you have no reason to care for it. I loved it and I'm sure I'm not alone on that opinion.
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    I myself enjoy Outland, even if the Hellfire Peninsula is kinda boring. Northrend is "meh", but Cata zones suck... been playing for a few years, and to this day I have only my main Shaman. I started a priest and warrior and both are stuck at lvl 12, I dont have the time or nerve to level alts and grind everything again (even if a little faster).
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    hellfire makes my eyes bleed.

    but the quests themselves arent that bad. actually i mostly run dungeons anyway.

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