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    I don't personally think it should be, nor should Rhok'delar.

    I think more things in WoW should have their day, then fade away into the sunset, becoming more rare as those who have them quit or stop displaying them. A new quest equally challenging shouldn't result in another Benediction, but a new item.

    One of the things I do miss from EverQuest was the stories of events and things gone by. While they were gone and no longer obtainable, there was always something to come in the future that would be cool for those who only heard stories of items/events from the past from those who were there. It added a bit of history and "legend" to the world.

    I'm not a supporter that anyone who's ever played WoW should have access to everything that's ever been in WoW.

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    I voted no, but if they brought back the quest and made it scale to max level, then sure. As long as it is as hard as it was when I had to do it, I'll be fine with people trying to get their staff... lol
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    No, I don't think they should add Benediction/Anathema or Lok'Delar/Rhok'Delar back into the game. I don't know about Benediction (made my Priest in BC), but for Lok'Delar it was incredibly difficult to get. Probably the hardest quest I've ever done in WoW, in fact I'm sure it was. I'm assuming the Priest quest was relatively difficult as well. And if they add the items back in I am 100% sure the quests will be far easier than they used to be, and it will make the item no longer special when everyone runs around with it.

    Imagine the green fire quest in the next expansion if nothing changes, when everyone has it, it won't be cool or interesting anymore like it is now. If they remove the green fire when the next raid tier hits or when the next expansion hits then it'll still have meaning and be cool and interesting when you see people with it like it is now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    I'd welcome it back on a few conditions;
    - It's slightly recoloured, in much the same way the Amani Battle Bear was. It was recoloured enough to be able to tell the difference even from a distance.
    - Other classic weapons are also readded back in a similar manner and that you're not limited to something specific to one class. For example, Corrupted Ashbringer available to all classes that can wield 2H swords, Benediction available to all classes that can wield staves, etc.
    - Said weapons are only available through a quest chain + tough solo scenario that IS specific to each class.
    - You've got the option to run the quest multiple times to get different weapons in the set, no "spend 10000G to switch", merely for different specs and convenience

    The thing is, the weapons themselves are already in game, and so a reskin wouldn't be overly difficult (even as easy as tweaking the colour curve). The content itself would take some time to make so I don't expect we'd see it for at least 6 months. In short, bring back some of these prestige weapons but make sure they can be told apart from the originals.
    I totally agree with the recolouring option, that way it still remains a trophy to those who got it in Vanilla. However, I don't agree with it being available to other classes, much like Warlocks green fire.
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    My old account was hacked during WotLK, so I'd love another chance to get myself one. On the other hand, it is pretty special to see one now, which is cool. I'm having mixed feelings about this.

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    With the fact that even High warlord gear being re obtainable through RBGs i dont see how this shouldnt become avalible, and ofc i would do this quest in a heartbeat

    And ps, it should ofc be a recolor, i basically just want to use the model
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    I do not own a priest so I might have less to say in this subject, but I think you should not be so greedy. Staff is looking nice and all, but this isn't a reason for everyone to have it. It doesn't matter that those priests got it on 60lv or 80lv before Cataclysm, only thing that matters is that they managed to get it before you. Because they knew it will be no longer obtainable. You missed your chance like I missed mine for other fun, unique items when Cataclysm went live. Besides there is couple of much better looking staves than these two, I don't understand why some people are fixated on these.

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    you want this weapon because its rare and not in game. if you add it back then every priest will use it, it will lose all its value. You want that special thing that is unattainable but you missed your chance. You cant just keep adding back old stuff over and over its just ridiculous, leave old stuff gone as they should be and add new stuff. If you really want to have old "out of the game" items back in then they should have a very distinct recolor.

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    I would love for this quest to come back. I have an eye of divinity sitting in my bank. I foolishly didn't know the quest was disappearing with cata, and never completed it before the xpac. I wish I could finish it.

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    I don't think it should come back. I think it should stay the way it is now, a "trophy". But I like to idea of maybe making a new staff that is similiar to how Anathema/Benediction works with an MoP theme to it. But expand to who can use it. Add druids and shamans to the list. I know spirit is still a great stat for all hybrids, but maybe they'd prefer the staff to have crit/mastery as a dps, and haste/spirit as a healer. Keep the hard quest chain on it, make it like the warlock green fire quest chain. But make 3 levels for it of course. LFR, normal, and heroic version. Each quest chain is tuned for what version you have.

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    Yes, but I don't really care..

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    If it's a recolour, probably yes.
    If not, hell no.

    Also, it shouldn't be exactly easy to obtain. A quest as hard as the warlock green fire Q in <500 ilvl gear would be appropriate.

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    I'd support it making a comback, but only if it was recolored.

    Let it be silver, so the nouveau bene's will always know they're second place compared to the old goldie.

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    Seeing more class-specific vanity quests like the Warlock Green Fire one (cause that is easily on par for difficulty to Rhok'Delar and Benediction, factoring in obvious mechanical progression and storytelling improvements since Vanilla, and even the Alliance Paladin and Warlock mount quests... the Blood Elf Paladin Mount quest wasn't so hard), I'd be all for that. Something that is bleeding-edge hard, forcing you to use EVERY skill you have (not just the half dozen you use in normal day-to-day activites), and be virtually untrumpable by gear (Better gear makes Kanrethad faster, but doesn't just break the encounter, much like how the mechanics of the Priest quest weren't broken even at Level 80 due to downranking being removing and spells costing % mana instead of fixed values).

    Maybe work it into the forthcoming solo Proving Grounds, as specialized class-specific challenge ones, that involve work to even unlock the trials for, and then reward cool transmog stuff for completing.
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    Sure, but change the name. Like we had with the Reborn items. Or Replica.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adelphia View Post
    I totally agree with the recolouring option, that way it still remains a trophy to those who got it in Vanilla. However, I don't agree with it being available to other classes, much like Warlocks green fire.
    Its not a trophy at all right now. Lots of people got theirs all the way into Wrath.

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    I happen to be one of those that lost their account that had a Bene on it and am now starting to play again. I'm torn though, I wouldn't want everyone to be running around with it. I would like to see a difficult quest chain that maybe even requires a 40 man raid to complete, the way it was in vanilla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irialx View Post
    I think it should remain for the priests who did it when it was intended to be done. Too much of things now a day is just a free for all. Preserve some of the game imo.
    Yes exactly. No matter how "hard" they could make it now, the time is up. It was still there in WotLK... if you are a new player you can't have Naxx gear neither and you don't want the raid back, same goes here imo. Let us keep it as something rare.

    Just imagine if they turn Ashes into a 100% drop. None would want that mount anymore... in fact it's no longer a rare mount and that's sad. Same goes here, I don't want to see all the priests using it :/

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    Honestly, I'd give up my "unique" (seriously, I see this thing as often as Judgement, it doesn't feel rare at all) Benediction just for the chance of letting other, newer Priests experience the quest. I think it was unique and different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    if you are a new player you can't have Naxx gear neither
    Yes you can. You can also do piss easy RBGs and get Grand Marshal gear.

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    The BMAH killed any notion of Naxx T3 being "hard to get". If Bene went the same way, that would be a shame.

    Given a quest that would truely test a player's skill with a challenge that can't just be zerged with a high ilvl (green fire quest chain), even a recolour would be ok. The "new" Bene would probably be even more of a trophy than the original.

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