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    NO, cause i have it :]

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    Priest was my Vanilla character. Had the staff. Stopped playing the game in BC. Started again in WotLK to find out account had been hacked and blizz wouldn't give it back. Start new account. 2 years later I'm on a tech call and they offer me 'want your old account back?", I get it back... Staff has been deleted. Blizz has no record from those days so it's gone forever.

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    Personally I don't care but I'm not against it. Transmog should be a choice without certain items being locked out.

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    i dont see the harm in adding it back aint even a pertty staff and dont know anyone that would use it .
    and yes i do have it been in the bank ever sins i had it maked just merroris keep it from not beeing DE'ed

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    I wouldn't want it back as something along the lines of the warlock green fire quest as, well... I already have it, so that would make completing the new quest pointless for me.

    But if they bring back ALL of the removed gear in the game, for all classes (including removing ratings for vanilla PvP gear/adding back all the removed PvP gear including the rating arena recolours), then then I'm fine with bringing it back. Hell, I'd trade it access to Bene model for access to an Atiesh - then again can you imagine the tears from the people who already have one (though most probably aren't playing anymore)? And the tears if rating requirements were taken off the vanilla PvP gear? Or old conquest gear recolours were put back? Give us all the options for transmog or leave it as is.

    Either way I definitely don't want them wasting time on new content to get a staff model I already have - got the leaf sitting in hunters bank that I forgot to use before cata so I am out of luck on that one myself (as even with the starter item the quest's totally broken now). If its added as a 'green fire' item it needs to be a side reward and something new as the actual reward.

    In general, I believe nothing should be removed and all mounts/pets/tabards/items should still be avaliable in game.
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    I got it it in Vanilla but deleted it long before transmog existed (think I deleted it during BC) as I was never someone to hold onto items just to afk in cities while wearing them. I also deleted the hunter bow and staff from MC around the same time... The models for all 3 items aren't very special anyway but i'd sort of like them back now that they are unobtainable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irialx View Post
    I think it should remain for the priests who did it when it was intended to be done. Too much of things now a day is just a free for all. Preserve some of the game imo.
    I didn't realise the quest was intended to be done with relative ease at levels 70 and 80.

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    Taking models out of the game is a bad idea with Transmog being a big part of some players play time. Put it in and make it a cool quest chain.

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    wasn't it possible to do it all the way up to 80? Pretty sure. In that case its been obtainable most of WoWs life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millie View Post
    Yes you can. You can also do piss easy RBGs and get Grand Marshal gear.
    No, you can't. At least not everything.
    Necro Knight's Garb for example, one oft the best looking robes ever, cannot be obtained anymore. By no means.
    The same goes for the Corrupted Ashbringer.

    People had enough time to get Bene/Ana - up until the end of Wrath that is.
    Personally, I think it's a good thing to not recycle everything. Shows who was loyal to their class for a while.
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    This and corrupted ashbringer, don't recolour it though, honestly, I don't care what you call it, but if you change how it looks, it defeats the purpose for transmog...

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    I have one on my Euro account that I no longer use. I wish I had it on my priest that is my main on the US Acc now.. but I voted NO. Keep it rare.
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    I support giving players another chance to get Benediction. Got mine back in classic times. I don't see why other players who came to the priest class later should not be given the chance to obtain Benediction too.
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    Honestly, I'd love to have this back in the game. I did this quest chain back in the day, but in one of my bank purges, I made the unfortunate decision to discard the staff in the interest of opening up bank space. This was of course during BC, before Transmog was even considered. I tried to get the staff returned in Cata, but had found that the quest wasn't just no longer available, but completely removed from the system. So, a GM couldn't even restore the item to me.

    I would support the return of this staff, especially as a reward for a priest themed quest. However, if I were to give some nod to the folks that earned the quest and held onto the item all these years... the new one should be transmog only, and perhaps each version would have to be earned separately. So vets with the original only have 1 transmog slot taken up, but the newer ones would take up 2 to have both.

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    If you want it to remain a trophy you would have to remove it for anyone who got it at level 61 or later, just saying.

    I think it should be brought back, mostly because I never got more than half of it in Vanilla and then I took a break just to come back when you coulnt get it anymore.

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    If it's the exact same thing, then no. Let the real ones be a symbol of what they've done to get it. But sure, make a recolor like the bear in ZA.

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    Had it on my old account that is now gone. I'd support them putting it back in the game, but again as only something a Priest could have. Not Mages, Locks, Shamans or Druids.

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    The sad thing is that I vendored it on my main way back in the days when space in the bank was getting limited. I did the exact same thing with Quel'serrar. I can admit that it was a stupid decision, but done is done. In reagards to your request, I would very much like for it to be reintroduced as a replica. And I hope for that they'll never EVER put it up on BMAH. BMAH is a gold sink, and a good one at that, but they should put more effort into it. I would rather them introduced the lengthy quests with rewards once again.

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    I have it on my priest, that is on a dead server now. I levelled a new priest on another server because I didn't want to pay for a transfer. Would be nice to have it again.
    Same thing with rokh'delar, have it on my hunter on the same dead server. Have a hunter on the new server as well. Would be nice to have those transferred too.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    This thread may be kinda old, but its asking for opinions and I came across it so I will give mine.

    Basically, it is not fair to people who did not start playing until after it was taken from the game. Sorry, you might have earned it, but they never got the chance to do the same. With so many new players since then, the majority of the WoW population does not have vanilla items such as listed in this thread. Yes that does make it more valuable to those who have it, but still not fair to those who did not get the chance to try to obtain it. Sure your epeen gets stroked, but I think being fair is more important, because being unfair, is under the category of "wrong". The majority of sane adults understand that it is not right to be unfair.

    The majority of players that play now, and keep the game alive, so that your rare item still holds value in a game that is not dead, would like the chance to get the same item. You are not better because you did it in vanilla. I have seen old schoolers get owned by new players who learn quickly. Skill should not even have anything to do with a vanity item. These items are not used for current content, do not see why the word skill would ever be used.

    I would not care if they brought it back and I saw every priest with it, its rareness is not what I like about the item. I like it because it is for priests, and only priests can have it. The fact that every priest would have it, would not make it any less valuable to me. I would just be happy because I have it.

    There are other games that have brought back vintage items to make them available to current players simply because they saw it unfair that the current population did not even have the chance to obtain them because they just were not playing the game at the time. It's not like the current WoW population was playing vanilla and just wasn't good enough to get it lol.

    These vanity items are just that, vanity. Just like the mounts players farm from TK, FL, ICC, etc. They are just for looks. Old tier is available in the BMAH that is no longer available in the game because the instance does not exist anymore. So how are these specific items any more special from the tier that is in the BMAH? I imagine it wasn't easy back in vanilla to obtain the tier, so what makes Benediction any different? There is no logic behind this.

    YAY good for you, you played before someone else did. Not sure why that constitutes you needing to be the only one to have the chance at a certain item.

    I am no less of a priest because I played a warrior in vanilla and started my priest later (she had two of the items needed, but vendored for bank space). I have held world 1 rankings, killed heroic bosses seconds after the top world guilds in the rat race, obtained decent rankings in rbgs/arenas, and I have done nothing but fall in love with my priest. No reason at all that I can have vestments of faith, but can't have a shot at benediciton. And you wanting to feel extra special is not a valid reason sorry.

    Oh ya, and what about the fact that some players had this item or the items to do the quest chain but had to make bank space? Blizzard kinda screwed them over when they put transmog in the game, revamped instances, added/took away areas to add more expansions. I mean, if you are going to add something like transmog, then you had better let everyone have the chance to get back or obtain in the first place, items that you can not get anymore due to the world or warcraft changing and growing.

    At the end of the day, it is not you being special, it is all blizzard making executive decisions to alter the game and not compensating for it. My 15.00 a month for that account, is no less then your 15.00 a month for your account. My money is just as good. I should have the same opportunities. And god please do not reply with the "life is not fair" crap because this is not life, it is a game. It can be altered in any way at any point in time to cater to anything unlike life.
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