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    Ji-Kun 25 man normal problem

    Hi everyone I would like to ask you a question about the boss Ji-Kun 25 man normal mode I think right now I and my group does not understand the concept of damage buff or rather how this buff has maximized its full potential to do more dps so please could someone help us thank you.

    sorry for my english!!!

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    next group should start flying when she shoots her "feed young" globs into the air so that they can intercept them and get free dmg.

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    We had 5 groups, each one had an upper and lower platform. This gave them 2 potential feather uses to grab the food buff, which is done by flying above the boss during Feed Young and flying through the globs in the air. According to the last hotfix, getting the buff in the air should be easier now but I haven't personally done it so I can't say for sure.

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    5 groups!?!! that seems pretty extreme, 3 is enough and it's doable with 2. We do it with 3 groups all with 3 nests each

    Group A takes first 2 nests(both low) and first high nest
    Group B takes 3rd and 4th nests(both low) and 2nd high nest
    Group c takes 5th nest(low spawns same time as 1st high) and 3rd and 4th high nests

    Group A leaves 2nd nest a bit later than killing adds, catches the food on its way to 3rd nest, gains buff and nukes boss, then after the high nest jumps down to the platform, then uses last flight charge to catch more globs on the next feed young cast.

    Group B does the same but with their nests

    Group c only catches food after their 3rd nest

    once boss is 25%, Group A generally does all their nests twice, everyone gets onto main platform and hero is popped dps with any remaining charges catch food on feed young casts, then boss dies, it's not that difficult a boss tbh.
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    We tried 2 groups and then 3 but groups 2 or 3 would always miss some nest eventually. Apparently the pattern is confusing. Our 25m isn't full of...the most capable people. See: our countless HM Jin'rokh wipes to dispels in pool and failing lightning storm.

    5 groups is simple in that everyone has an upper and lower to take care of and that's it. When it's your turn, you go. Also, no lower nest feathers go unused and there's more opportunity for everyone to get the food buff. Ultimately, the strat works for us and I think that's what counts. Ji-kun feels like a boss where multiple strats will work and you should just go with what works for your group.

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    5 groups has worked well for us. They just did a hotfix to make the food easier to catch. You can think of it like this: you go down, get feather. Use 1 out of your 4 charges to fly back up to the group. You now have 3 left, only one of which you need to get to the next nest before you will get more. So that's two feed young buffs you can snag pretty easily, then use the fourth to take care of the nest (or grab a feed young *and* hit the nest if you've got lucky timing). The dps buff isn't critical to killing the fight, but it helps.

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