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    So no Tyrannical gear for honor?

    Hey Forum,

    So I logged in expecting to gear my newly dinged mage only to find that the honor vendor still has mal gear..... am I missing something here of did blizz decide to make us wait till next season starts to gear alts. I really dont want to waste time doing BGs this week to get mal gear, only to replace it all next week grinding BGs all over again. Might be a good time to get a week break from WoW i guess :/

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    The new season gear is not available yet and the transition to honor is not up yet.

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    It is a bug. They are working to fix it right now.

    Source : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882429238
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    easy now... lvled him from scratch i did.
    so no trolling. been unlucky with drops i have is all
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    I must tell the world!

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    where is the honor tyrannical gear??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkrulerxxx View Post
    where is the honor tyrannical gear??
    Did you not see the post right above yours saying that it was a bug?


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    it was fixed last night

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    bit off topic. but has anyone else got any season 14 gear from that arena pit on the new isle, I just jumped in when others where on the tiger, and when he was finished, I received, a season 14 pvp ring

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