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    Finally..The 7th Sha (Spoilers)

    So since I couldn't find any other threads on this (which I'm thoroughly surprised), it seems that the 7th Sha is indeed finally revealed. On top of that, it seems that Emperor Shaohao is not dead, and even talks with us to warn about how he did not conquer the 7th Sha.

    Sha of Pride Sound File

    Now there was a lot of speculation that it was indeed the Sha of Pride, so good call guys. Although I didn't expect us to meet up with Shaohao. 5.3 is looking to be pretty damn explosive so far. Blizzard's approach to Storytelling and lore this expansion is far beyond my expectations, it really does give you a sense that you are in the middle of some intense happenings and that it's really about to hit the fan.

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    There's been...quite a lot of threads about this, actually. Notably, the thread where the soundfiles were discovered themselves.


    Some good discussion in there, too, if you're hankering for it.
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    Considering he lived 10.000 years ago (and he didn't have some nice Zandalari resurrect him), it might be some sort of spirit, or time travel in some way to where we get to see Shaohao.

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    Yeah I specially cant wait for this part of the story in 5.3, but yeah I expect him to be a spirit and in a way his voice already kinda shows it. Really looking forward to meeting the emperor in game.

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    Most likely Garrosh is going to end up absorbing the 7th Sha, captures and corrupts Anduin, makes Gamon his second in command, massacres the "insurrectionists" (particullary the Tauren and Trolls), overhauls Origmmar and secretly turns it into a dark-heart of Pandaria powered flying fortress from which he can drop more mana bombs on people, and then when the combined Horde-Alliance forces meet at Orgimmar, there will be a Wrath-gate style scene where Garrosh tosses Thrall's head out the door, launches the city, ensuing gunship battle, etc, and then for the raid its'elf he will be fought twice; once in normal form and then second in infested sha form.

    As far as the Emperor goes, he will mostly be talking about how regreted being prideful and tell the heroes how to overcome the Sha, and then go on about some Burning Legion stuff so that after 4+ main character deaths we have a mucher darker story for Blizzard to work with for the inevitable return of the burning legion style xpac.

    5.3 will obviously be about finding the weakness to the sha of pride and building up an intense and perilous scenario (ie, Anduin's corruption, Gamon's betrayl, Thrall's execution, etc). 5.4 will be the raid it'self, and then 5.5 will be mostly clean up and preparing for legion return.
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