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    Priest disc PVP!

    so their are no guides for pvp disc! can someone maybe explaine the basic, mechanics for a disc priest? what are my stat priorities! and what gems should i be going for and what reforges!

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    This is something I'd love to see covered. I've always been a PvE-only player but have dipped my toes into PvP this season and am enjoying it more than I thought I would. I started out as Shadow, but I seem to do better as Disc (there are never enough healers in BGs on Ally side and it seems to work better for me in Arenas too). I'm sure there are lots of things I could be doing better, but sofar I've been focusing on crit and mastery with as much resil/pvppower as I can get. I love that I can play offensively a little bit while shielding away and healing up when needed. If anyone on these forums has experience at higher ratings I'd love to hear your tips.

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    Copy his gemming and reforging: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ndyloux/simple

    Watch high rated disc priest streams

    Some tricks if u pop inner focus you can dispel unstable affliction without getting silenced. Another trick is use inner focus + fear ward vs warlock teams because fear ward can't be depleted while inner focus debuff is active. which means with timing you can be unfearable. Death is your friend use it to avoid cc like poly morphs, repents. blind, and other cc because of the backlash damage(you need to glyph it for the backlash damage).
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    The idea behind Discipline Priest has changed a lot over the past expansion. Previously disc was known as an offensive healer, someone who could play defense, but if you were playing D, you were losing. We were more of a dying breed of players that knew that the best type of defense is offense and we used our fears/mana burns/mindblasts to put as much pressure as possible.

    The current state is that Discipline Priests are still allowed to be offensive, we are just not as influential anymore. Our strengths comes from mitigating damage, mitigating it through shields. And therefor mastery is one of the most important stats you can stack, mastery and spirit, especially if you play 2s, as those tend to go for much longer(I know that some might say that Crit > Mastery, but over the past patches mastery was buffed and rebuffed and at this moment mastery>crit). Our abilities and our set-up is not meant to outheal the opposite healer as our DPSers are battling it out in the middle of a battlefield.

    The standard healing rotation for you should be: Shield, PoM, Renew, Penance.
    The most burst intended rotation for you will be: Shield, PoM, Inner Focus, Flash Heal. This guarantees a fast cast, immunity to a silence or kick and foremost important a 100% to your crit of your flash, often you can bring up over 150+k on a single cast. You can always follow it up with a renew and a penance, but often you will already top your teammate or yourself.

    When playing in arenas, make sure to keep your shields up on you or your teammate at all times, it really does mitigate a lot of damage, and is very mana efficient.

    Remember to put fearward on yourself when playing classes that have potential to fear, however, do no put it on yourself when you are playing for example mage+rogue team, as he will spell steal and be immune to your fear.

    Our fear is on a very short cooldown, and feel free to use it to force defensive cooldowns and trinkets, cordinating those with your teammate is a key.

    Make sure to learn how to see the whole battlefield, rather than just the healthbars. This will allow you to not only make sure that you can keep your partner in sight for heals, but also insure that you can see enemy priest coming in for a fear, mage casting polymorph or druid casting a cyclone, those are all easily avoidable and you can abuse Line out of Sight(LoS) to prevent yourself from being CCed.

    Make sure to not blow your trinket right away, often you can keep it almost throughout the whole fight, without using it. Shields + PoM are really strong and in the worst situation you can use a life swap, just make to communicate it with your teammate, going both ways, if you are out of Defensive cooldowns and you need to swap with your teammate, make sure to ensure that he has defensive cooldowns himself.

    Also, you are not mean to train a DPS on your butt all day. Ask your teammate to assist you with slows, fears, stuns and etc. Sometimes, all you need is a brief .5 seconds of air to catch your breath.

    Do not be afraid to use some big cooldowns early in the fight, pet for mana, bubble for -25% damage, pain suppression. Do not try to use PS at 10% and wonder why you died. Use it proactively.

    Some addons that I recommend are:
    -Buff Plates

    GladiatorSA is really one of my recent favorites as it adds an additional layer of information by announcing cooldowns, abilities and etc via sound and helps you be aware of some things that you might have visually missed.

    If you have any questions, let me know.

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