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    Assassination and Expertise.

    Hi guys, this is just a quick thread to see if you guys are capping expertise as assassination.
    I'm armourying top rogues and they're all capping it, but shadowcraft is telling me not to. What should I do?

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    I have been capping Expertise on my rogue.

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    They are probably capping it now (if they weren't before) because the new gear made it really easy to cap. Expertise isn't a bad stat, it just wasn't ahead of mastery which led to SC recommending you didn't cap it. For example, my ilvl is 514 and I am at 7.4% exp without reforging anything into it (and no I don't have the trinket with expertise on it). Now granted I'm playing combat (got 4pc this week) so I would want expertise anyway.

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    Got 8% something expertise while reforging everything out of expertise , sadface.( No expertise trinket either)

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