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    [NETHER TEMPEST] At what # of adds should i start to stop multi-dotting/reapply NT?

    please help. I currently switched over to NT and still trying to get use to it. I searched everywhere and cannot find when to reapply/multi dot vs just using my pet freeze / icelance procs etc.

    Anyone have the highest dps priority? Currently i am applying NT to every target and then using pet freeze / ice lance procs?

    Please help.

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    Apply it directly to the forehead

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    To be exact, never. Of course, i think after 11 targets now, you start normal AoE rotation.
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    I've been wondering this myself.

    Given a large pack of mobs, how many do *you* NT?

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    Hmm... same... I generally DOT stuff when inferno blast is on CD.. the moment it comes off CD I start doing my normal priority rotation.

    as you would have guessed too much dotting is really bad for us!

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    Dot important targets. If you have more targets then 5 that means they will die pretty soon. And warlocks will have more dmg on them anyway. I dot 4-5max. Only fight i dotted everything was Sha of Fear hc p2.

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