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    Just managed to get my 2set t15, do we need to add a cobra shot somewhere in the opener for the snake thing or it doesn't have an impact on the opener?

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    Yeah, you need to cobra shot at the start because if you don't you're wasting time for your real ppm to give you a higher chance to proc later on since you are guaranteed a proc on your first CoS if you haven't attacked stuff in awhile.

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    SO how do start rotation look like, add the CS before the first 2 sets of BW or inbetween to refresh serpent sting?

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    I was just fiddling around with some handy opening macros ,
    and I was surprised to find out AMOC procs renatakis . It says "your attacks " but I just assumed those would be the usual shots like glaive/auto/arcane/srs etc

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    I usually CoS during the first BW.

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    I just replaced my starting arcane shot with cobra shot now to spawn the pet. So basically I just cobra shot then go all into it. Some may find it better, some other way but I am consistently ranking and top dps in my guild (ilvl 521).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arktem View Post
    I've put in a lot of time and effort into researching and testing the optimal BM opener. I've yet to find anything that comes close to

    -10 Set up Traps
    -5 MD/petdash macro (To give your pet time to regain the focus)
    -2 Pre Cobra Shot or use a g1 Landshark if you're really pushing numbers
    0 Prepot/SrS Macro
    +1 MoC
    +2 Stampede/Rapid Fire (Macro)
    +3 KC/Cooldowns (Macro)
    +4 Dire Beast
    +5 Glaive Toss
    +6 AS
    +7 CoS
    +8 AS
    +9 KC
    +10 KC
    +11 DB
    +12 GT
    +13 CoS (Get this in before your Rapid Fire Ends)
    +14 AS/BW (First BW expires here)
    +15 AS (Depending on the fight I will get rid of some focus and immediately pop my second RF)
    +16 KC
    +17 AS
    +18 AS
    +19 AS
    +20 AS
    +21 AS
    +22 KC
    Once BW Expires, find a good place to pop your second Rapid Fire. By this point you should also have 5 stacks of Focus Fire, which can also be popped (Not with Rapid fire though).

    I've already written out the summary of this before, check comment history, but the opener is basically about using your longest DPC (Damage per cast) shots first so that they gain as much benefit from your pre pot as possible. Everything after that is just making sure that you do not waste damage by using abilities inside of your BW.
    Arktem, do you have your macros posted somewhere?

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    Having pet summoned 100% of the time not as an after thought or when someone tells you too get it out ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanQQi View Post
    Hm, maybe I'm not best theorycrafter, but since release of MoP I use following opener as BM:
    SrS - DB - Stampede - BW - KC - aMoC - GT - RF - Readiness - KC - GT - DB - AS spam - AS/KC - second BW
    No matter how good or bad it its, I often achieve high WoL ranks on 10man so it's not worst imo.
    Last week I pulled almost 600k dps at the beggining of Durumu's N encounter, but I can't even link this, cuz it's my first post : d
    Man fuck theorycrafting with logs like that.. first off welcome to the forums.. Glad you joined up.. I've been following you on world of logs for a few tiers now lol.. As always, impressed by your dps.. Ranking #8 on that fight is not easy.. I'm curious, do you pre cast cobra shot for the 2pc ? or use it at all during your opener ? Also, i'm curious to hear what you think about DB vs Fervor for SV on pure single target like Durumu (N) ? Also, what's your opener for SV ?

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    also, I see you're using t15 2pc and t14 2pc.. Is that worth only if the t14 pieces are 2/2 upgraded heroic ?

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