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    Blizzard forgot a tiny detail
    While it would be nice to had it reflect the visitable game world, it isn't anything they forgot. If you notice Northrend is just barely visible and there are also islands northwest of Trisfal Glades that isn't a visitable zone. The place you have circled is likely Zandalar. Pandaria would be behind the words Azeroth as Pandaria is south of the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and not even with the southern half of those continents.

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    Whats funny is that map was made in TBC, yet it doesn't show Bloodmyst and Azuremyst Isle. I think a mistake that was overlooked for 7 years is a slightly bigger deal.
    It barely shows Teldrassil. Azuremyst and Bloodmyst are farther west and wouldn't be shown on that world view unless they shrunk the continents down or moved everything closer together. Which would basically mean EK and Kalimdor touching the Maelstrom. It isn't meant to be show case of everything in the game world. It is just a flat representation of the globe with the Maelstrom as the center focus.
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    Obviously, the map that lets you pick between Outland and Azeroth is quite a few light years away, so you're looking at Azeroth before the catacylsm and revealing of Pandaria! Just look at Azshara, twilight highlands, thousand needles etc.

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