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    I think it's selective memory and confirmation bias. The terrible losses stick in your mind, and seem to be more representative than they actually are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascendanzy View Post
    I have years of experience from both sides and my general perception is that Horde is slightly better in smaller sized BG's while Alliance reign supreme in 40-mans.
    I've noticed the same thing, but this is partly because Alliance seem to dominate AV almost everywhere. But they seem to dominate IOC these days too at least in my battlegroup.

    What I find so odd, is that each side seems to stick with the same strategy over and over. This makes sense if you are winning, but none whatsoever if you're loosing. You would think Horde players get their account suspended if they attack the docks in IOC in my battlegroup. No matter how many people clamor for an attack docks strat, the gates open and the dots all run off somewhere else.

    Alliance generally have more healers too. I've always thought this was because female players are most likely to pick Alliance and be healers, but I have no data to support my theory.

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