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    We've shifted our comp around a fair bit and are now going to be 2 healing pretty much everything. Our turtle kicker is by far the best raider we have, and I'm sure if everyone dodges the rockfalls and kills the turtles faster (more dps so shouldn't be an issue) fingers crossed he'll die this weekend!

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    Our raid killed it in 2 raid nights, 6 hours all up.

    I'm not the best at reading WoL, but here's what we did.

    Make sure your raid is actively dodging shells. Assign Healers to pop cds on each stomp, cause that stuff hurts! Make sure that someone is calling out when a stomp is coming, so people can use some sort of reduction to lower the damage taken.

    Make sure bats are being picked up ASAP! They do a buttload of damage, so make sure the tank who is taking care of that is ontop of it! Our raid lusted at 25%, and burnt him down. At 20% he has a soft enrage, and spawns 6 turtles every 20 seconds, so you have to kill him ASAP. We 3 healed the fight, and had myself, DK and 2 hunter all put slows on the turtles/bats, to make it easier to manage.

    Other than that, try your best to get the people to run out of the 20 yard range of the rockfalls, because taking less damage is always good.
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    That's a lot of druids.

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    What was successful for us was having 2 melee sit on the boss, 1 of which who was a DK with Chillblains - he slowed the turtles whenever they spawned. Bats were brought over to the melee to be murdered by ALL the DPS. At 30%, we popped Heroism and just chain-kicked turtles into the boss and he was dead a few seconds after it finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellvia View Post
    But to also use one of the spare turtles to interrupt a Call of Tortos..
    Did not know this could be done, that is very helpful for the end of the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    Did not know this could be done, that is very helpful for the end of the fight.
    Yep. We actually wiped ourselves earlier in the night by accidentally interrupting Call of Tortos while kicking a shell through bats... Suddenly didn't have any turtles to interrupt Stone Breath

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